David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 10/11/21

David Kelly, Executive Director, The Learning Guild

Almost two years ago I updated the opening copy for my weekly curation to highlight resources that can help us navigate the pandemic, as well as the usual resources that can help enhance our work as learning professionals. Who would have thought a year later we’d still be looking at our work through that dual-lens.

While there’s light at the end of the tunnel with COVID-19, its effects will last for some time after the pandemic ends. Each week’s curated resources will continue to focus on everyday knowledge and skills as well as resources focused on navigating the ever-evolving nature of the pandemic and its after-effects.

Here’s a summary of this week’s content:

  • A look at Next-Gen Learning and what it means to L&D
  • Powerful tips to improve your writing
  • Tips on improving your virtuial body language
  • Tips on how to retain more of what you and others learn at work
  • Lessons for L&D from the field of Marketing

Next-Gen Learning: How to Future-Proof the L&D Function by Juan Naranjo
Next-Gen Learning is an increasingly popular buzzword in L&D. This post by Juan Naranjo explores the buzzword and provides the context of what it means to the work of L&D professionals.

Punch Up Your Writing With These 4 Power-Packed Tips by Ann Gynn
Writing is a skill whose importance is often overlooked by training and development professionals. This post by Ann Gynn provides four powerful tips that can make your writing more effective.

Five Ways to Improve Your Virtual Body Language by Ernie Smith
With Zoom meetings and virtual training becoming ever-more common, the need to develop our virtual body language skills has never been greater. This post by Ernie Smith examines five consciously things we can all do to improve our body language during virtual events.

How to retain more of what you learn at work by Jennifer Lewi
Learning is about much more than training and education. This post by Jennifer Lewi is a simple but powerful reminder of that, focusing on ways that we can reinforce the learning that happens in the workplace.

Bring the Senses into Storytelling to Make Learning Memorable by Lynne McNamee
There are many fields whose work has value to L&D professionals. This post by Lynne McNamme explores one such industry – Marketing – and some of the lessons it shares that can by of use to L&D professionals.

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  • An informal discussion on what qualifies as a learning leader
  • An exploration of 5 pillars of learning leadership
  • A tactical look at the learning leader’s role in advancing diversity and inclusion
  • Research into what learning leadership looks like in 2021

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