XR for Learning – April 7, 2021

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Augmented, virtual, and other mixed reality technologies are rapidly emerging and advancing, creating new and exciting opportunities for training and education. XR for Learning collects some of the best XR content that learning professionals can learn from.

Google Adds New AR Galleries & Audio Guided Tour to Arts & Culture App by Tommy Palladino
Augmented reality has emerged as a tool that has helped us bridge the gap of our experiences during the pandemic. This post by Tommy Palladino looks at one example of an app by Google that uses AR to bring artwork from museums right into your home.

The Role of Virtual Reality in the Fight Against Racial Inequity by Gergana Mileva
One of the reasons VR can be so powerful and immersive is the presence one feels during an experience. This post by Gergana Mileva looks at how one company is using the power of virtual reality to help people understand a difficult topic: racial inequity.

Microsoft gets contract worth up to $22 billion to outfit US Army with 120,000 AR headsets by Lucas Matney
Early adopters of new technologies often open doors that push tech towards adoption and normalcy. This post by Lucas Matney looks at a contact Microsoft recently signed with the U.S. military that could provide a major step forward for augmented reality,. while opening a host of new questions in the process.

Niantic CEO Teases an Updated Look at AR Glasses Design by Matt Kim
It could be argued that one of the most influential apps that have pushed the normalcy of augmented reality in recent years is the game Pokemon Go. This post by Matt Kim looks at new AR glasses being developed by the company that created that game – Niantic. If these glasses are linked to an experience that can do for headset AR what Pokemon Go did for smartphone AR, this could be an important device.

Is VR training more efficient than other learning methods? by Caroline Witte
Virtual reality has some very powerful use cases in education and training. This post by Caroline White looks at the world of VR training, including where it works well, and where it may be lacking.

The Learning Leaders Alliance community continues to grow, connecting learning leaders from around the globe who want to stay ahead of the curve and enabling aspiring leaders to build their skillsets.

Membership in the Alliance includes access to exclusive monthly digital events curated for today’s modern learning leader. Here’s just a few examples of what members have enjoyed so far this year:

  • A panel of Chief Learning Officers discussing how we support the entry into the new normal
  • A look at learning trends and how leaders can put them into practice
  • An informal discussion on what qualifies as a learning leader
  • An exploration of 5 pillars of learning leadership
  • A tactical look at the learning leader’s role in advancing diversity and inclusion
  • Research into what learning leadership looks like in 2021

In addition to monthly events, Alliance members also get free registration to the Learning Solutions Digital Experience in May, and our second Learning Leaders Online Forum in July. Join today to be a part of the community, and gain access to recordings from all the great gatherings that have already taken place in 2021.


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