#GuildChat for 04/09/21: Tiny Case Studies

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, April 9th at 11AM PT/2PM ET. This week’s topic is Tiny Case Studies.


Like reading a mystery, it can be fun to explore case studies, analyze the situation, and explore solutions. To match the fast pace of a Twitter chat, we’ve come up with 4 tiny case studies for us to investigate together. We’ll read a short write up of an L&D challenge, search for clues about what’s really going on, and come up with ideas for how to untangle the challenge at hand.

So get your detective skills ready for this Friday’s #GuildChat!

Preview the tiny case study stories now:

Case Study 1. Phishing Flop.The IT department at a company with 10,000+ employees received around 50 emails a month that employees flagged as possible phishing scams. 6 months ago the company launched a phishing scam eLearning course with the goal of increasing reported scam emails by 25%. Feedback on the course was good and assessment scores were on target, but reported emails have only gone up by 10%.

Case study 2. Leadership gap. You’ve been asked to investigate the problems with a large retail organization’s asynchronous leadership development program. It was launched a year ago to nurture internal candidates but new management roles are still predominantly going to external candidates. The program used industry averages to target the leadership skills it focused on and was made free for any employee to access. Enrollment in it has been mixed, with high pickup in HR and IT and low pickup in customer-facing roles. Also, a recent analysis of graduates shows they’re not getting promoted at a higher rate.

Case Study 4. Tricky timeline. The HR department has secured a new annual employee goal setting and evaluation system. The current user documentation is adequate for getting it ready to implement. However everything isn’t fully settled with what the exact user experience for goal setting and achievement monitoring will be like for employees and managers.  Rollout of the system is in 2 months. HR is asking your L&D department to create training for it that will be ready for all user groups at the same time as the rollout.

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