Introducing New Series, Your Stories

Your Stories No. 1: Let’s Start with the Numbers

First of all, we would like to thank everyone again who participated in the Sharing Our Stories survey that we conducted at the start of May. The purpose of running the survey was to bring the community together to reflect on the work we’ve done over the last couple of months during an unprecedented time.

We all have stories and experiences to share from working during a pandemic, so we invited everyone in The Learning Guild community to share their experiences. The response was overwhelming. Within a week, 200 people shared insights and stories of teamwork, connection, resilience, triumph, struggle, and more.

We received such a wide range of stories that we decided to create this blog series, Your Stories, to help us learn from each other’s experiences and shape what’s next for learning.

In addition to the stories shared, we asked a handful of questions to understand more about how our community is navigating the current landscape.

A big part of all of our work is the tools that help us succeed. So, we asked the community what tools have been useful more recently. By far the most mentioned was video conferencing tools such as WebEx, Zoom, and MS Teams.

Of the tools being utilized more recently, 93% of respondents said they expect to continue using the tools just as much in the future.

During the pandemic, almost everyone’s everyday life shifted in some way, and a lot of the stories were about adapting to change, overcoming new challenges, and finding solutions. One of the most common themes throughout the stories shared was teamwork, which makes it no surprise that respondents rated “Coworkers” in third place for resources to best inform your work.

Webinars and online events was ranked as the No. 1 resource to best inform your work, which makes sense in a time where everyone has had to adapt to a work-from-home model. This is also supported by the fact that 44% of respondents said they are dedicating more time than usual towards personal professional development.

Finally, we took a community pulse on how respondents and their companies are planning for the next few months. The data received displays a level of uncertainty and solidifies the importance of coming together to share stories on what we’ve learned so far to help us pave a path forward.

We will continue to update this page as we release each blog in the Your Stories series. Each post will focus on one theme, including stories that support it. Thank you for being part of our Guild community and sharing your stories with us!

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