SpeakerChat for 04/17/20: Creating Microlearning and More with PowerPoint

On Friday, April 17th we’re doing something a little different with the 11am PT / 2pm ET time slot we typically use for GuildChat and are bringing you something new: SpeakerChat. This event is both a way to revisit some great eLearning Guild content from a recorded session while also getting to connect live with the speaker to ask questions and dig even deeper into the topic, tools, and techniques from their session. And best of all, it’s also free.

So how does it work? There are two easy parts.

Part 1: Watch the session recording

All SpeakerChats will be themed around a highly-rated past eLearning Guild session. We’ll open up access to the recording to everyone (you don’t have to be an eLearning Guild member to watch in this time period!) about two weeks before the live event in a TWIST post like this one. You can watch at the times most convenient for you. We’ll also provide a time stamp listing of all the key parts of the recording so you can see what it covers and skim just what you need.

Part 2: Join us for the live event

We’ll then host a live discussion with the speaker that you can join in. The 60-minute live event will be your chance to ask any questions about the session topic that weren’t covered in the recording, pick the speaker’s brain for additional ideas and tips, or even take the discussion in some new directions.

You’ll need to register in advance and the link will always be here in TWIST.

Our first SpeakerChat guest: Richard Goring

For our first SpeakerChat on April 17th starting at 11am PT / 2pm we’ll be talking about Creating Microlearning and More with PowerPoint with Richard Goring. PowerPoint can do so much more than just slide after slide of bullets, so you’ll have a chance to learn from someone who’s well known for pushing the envelope on what the tool can do.

You can start getting ready by revisiting Richard’s recorded session Create Effective Microlearning in Record Time with PowerPoint.

Jump to the content you need with this list of time stamps

3:01 – Screen capture (images, recording, annotated video triggers)


8:50 – Morph magic (automatic animations, zoom effects, lens magnification, dynamic visual storytelling)


18:04 – Infographic inspiration (SmartArt to quickly create infographics, formatting, and convert text, custom infographic creation, and custom shapes) 


35:32– PowerPoint productivity (quick access toolbar, BrightSlide add-in, Office add-ins, Pexels, Unsplash)


41:52 – Interactivity with Triggers (trigger animations, branching content, informal quizzes/knowledge checks)


45:46 – Exporting content (record/time audio, export to video, export to PDF, export to HTML5 for LMS)


Then join Richard live on Zoom on April 17 to go even deeper into how PowerPoint can be used in unexpected ways to create content that draws people’s attention and helps your key messages stand out.

Be sure to register for this free event with the following link: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMlf-CuqTosFm8KJ7eGZdWzms8O4vCUbQ

UPDATE: Missed the live SpeakerChat? You can still watch a recording of the event here:


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