XR for Learning Weekly – November 28, 2019

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Augmented, Virtual, and other mixed reality technologies are rapidly emerging and advancing, creating new and exciting opportunities for training and education. XR for Learning Weekly collects some of the week’s best XR content that learning professionals can learn from.

XR for Learning is curated by the team that brings you Realities360, the premier AR/VR event for education and training professionals.

Here’s this week’s recommended content.

Designing Accessibility in Virtual Reality by Matt Sparks and Jennifer Gallegos
Virtual reality is an amazing tool to give people the opportunity to learn and practice in a safe environment. But what if someone has a disability that limits their ability to participate in the VR experience? In this post by Matt Sparks and Jennifer Gallegos examines some of the accessibility challenges that should be considered when building VR solutions.

FedEx Ground using virtual reality to train, retain workers by Morgon Forde
In another example of virtual reality being applied for training and performance, this post by Morgon Forde looks at how FedEx is using VR to improve the performance of workers supporting a common business need: supply chain operations.

5 Innovative Ways to Use AR in Holiday Marketing by Stephanie Miles
If you want to understand how technology will be change how we learn, you should look at how technology is changing how we live. Augmented reality is a great example of this. It’s still an emerging technology and the types of experiences that early adopters are experimenting with will help shape the normalcy of what “AR” looks like in practice. That’s why I look at posts like this – they help me see how the consumer side of augmented reality is evolving. 

AR Serious Game To Explore Skeletal Anatomy by Eliane Alhadeff
This is another example of the gradual normalization of AR into consumer applications. Like Pokemon Go, the AR component described here isn’t central to the experience. However, the more exposure people have to digital assets augmented their view on the real world, the closer augmented reality comes to mainstream adoption. 

Practice makes perfect: Carve this virtual turkey by Bonnie S. Benwick, Seth Blanchard, Gabriel Florit, Atthar Mirza, Toni L. Sandys and Elite Truong
This week many in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving, and this article shares instructions on how to carve the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. I share the article here less for its content and more for its format. This article was designed with augmented reality in mind, Those with iPhones running iOS12 can place the turkey on their table and see the instructions being applied on a 3D model. It’s a great example of AR integrated into our daily lives in a learning and performance support context.

Realities360: The Premier AR/VR Event for Learning

Recent surveys collected by the eLearning Guild show that over 80% of organizations are exploring the use of AR and/or VR for training and education. A rapidly growing number of organizations are already actively using these technologies. XR isn’t just about the future; it’s already transforming the world of training and education today.

The Realities360 Conference and Expo is the premier event to explore this transformation and what it means to your organization

. The conference brings together the industry providers that are building training and education platforms, tools, and solutions so that curious professionals can explore how these technologies work, and organizations already putting them into use can get the guidance and support needed to build their AR/VR strategies and programs.

Join us in Orlando this March, and discover the value that XR can bring to your organization. Registration is now open, and many of the sessions you can expect are already online.

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