David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 11/25/19

David Kelly, Executive Director, The eLearning Guild

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

  • Using augmented reality to learn how to carve a turkey
  • Better questions to target performance problems
  • How to shift from a focus on training to a focus on competency
  • Tips on how to build a culture of continuous learning in your organization
  • How you can stay ahead of the changes in digital technology
  • Examples of how games can support learning and skill building

Practice makes perfect: Carve this virtual turkey by Bonnie S. Benwick, Seth Blanchard, Gabriel Florit, Atthar Mirza, Toni L. Sandys and Elite Truong
This week many in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving, and this article shares instructions on how to carve the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. I share the article here less for its content and more for its format. This article was designed with augmented reality in mind, Those with iPhones running iOS12 can place the turkey on their table and see the instructions being applied on a 3D model. It’s a great example of AR integrated into our daily lives in a learning and performance support context.

How to quickly find the cause of a performance problem by Cathy Moore
Too often training is used to treat the symptom of a performance problem rather than the cause. This post by Cathy Moore examines a simple but powerful change to how we inquire about performance problems that can help get us closer to the root cause.

You’ve trained them. Now what? by Bob Mosher
Learning and development professionals often see their work through the lens of training. Training is often critical, but it is only one part of the performance puzzle. This post by Bob Mosher examines the role of training as seen through the lens of the bigger picture: a focus on developing and maintaining competency. 

5 Steps to Powering Continuous Learning in an Evolving Workplace by Simon King And Ravin Jesuthasan
We hear a lot about the value of continuous learning and building a culture of learning. But what does that look like in practice? How does an organization foster such an environment? This post by Simon King And Ravin Jesuthasan examines the value of continuous learning and provides a number of tips for supporting it in an organization. 

Digital advances are never-ending. Here’s how to keep up. by Tony Saldahna
Digital technologies are evolving faster than ever, transforming the ways we live, work, and play. The changes are coming at us so fast that it can seem impossible to keep up, which only emphasizes how important it is that we do. This video from Tony Saldahna provides tips on how we can stay ahead of the technological changes going on around us, and put it all into the context of what it means to our own individual work.

10 video games to help kids think big by Kevin Dickinson
Games can be a great source of learning, but it’s sometimes challenging to articulate how the activities of a game connect to learning and skill development. This post by Kevin Dickinson examines a number of games that help kids learn and develop skills. I share the post here not for the list, but for the examples of connecting the gameplay with learning and skill development.

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