#GuildChat for 04/24/20: Listening to the Business

#GuildChat returns this Friday, April 24th at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Our topic is Listening to the Business.

Right now there is a lot of noise inside and outside our organizations. It’s difficult to figure out the right path forward or if there is even a right path or it’s just right, for now.

As people hunker down, await direction, or circle the wagons it’s important to find the signal through the noise and ensure that the work you do isn’t just supporting the mission but helping to help others find their way and make their work easier and more impactful.

In this week’s #GuildChat we discuss the best ways to listen to the business. Where and who do you turn to? What if what you see or believe is contrary to leadership direction? How do you plan for pivoting once you’ve begun?

Join us this week in #GuildChat to learn the approaches others are and have taken and share your own tools and tips with the community!

Prospective questions:

Q1 What’s your strategy for leaning into the business to get the bigger picture outside of your own work and department? #GuildChat

Q2 How can you filter between unreliable office gossip and causal hints about the business that has some merit? #GuildChat

Q3 What do you do if what you see and believe is contrary to leadership’s direction? #GuildChat

Q4 It’s hard to know what you don’t know. What can help you find out more about what’s actually going on with the business when you don’t have a sense of what issues, priorities, and challenges you haven’t been looped in on yet? #GuildChat

Q5 What can you do when you’re working towards supporting the business but different areas of the company have needs that are at odds with each other? #GuildChat

Q6 How can someone get a better read of a business that’s their client/customer vs. a full-time employer? #GuildChat

Q7 What can you do to better understand the business when your company’s culture encourages information hoarding? #GuildChat

Q8 What things can L&D do to not be in a silo and instead model openly sharing with the rest of the company? #GuildChat

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