David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 11/5/18

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

  • Tips on designing an effective infographic
  • Tips on how to build a great onboarding program
  • An example of VR used in training at Walmart
  • Data on the benefits of online learning
  • How augmented reality is changing the future of entertainment
  • Why game-based learning can be the solution to your compliance training challenges

9 Awesome Infographic Design Examples (Plus Tips to Create Your Own) by Travis Keith
Infographics are a very popular way of conveying information, and they’re increasingly being used as resources for learning and development. There are a number of posts that share examples to inspire your designs, but what makes this one unique is that the author points out the unique elements of each infographic and then uses that context to provide a tactical tip for your own designs.

Best Practices for Designing Employee Onboarding Programs by Connie Malamed
Onboarding is an important and core part of the employee experience and one that L&D Professionals are often involved in supporting. But what makes a strong employee onboarding program?  This post list 10 proven practices that you can use to evaluate and/or improve your organization’s onboarding program.

Walmart Expands VR Training with Oculus Go via Oculus VR
Virtual reality is an amazing tool for creating immersive experiences, but how exactly can it be used for training? As VR continues to emerge as part of the technology ecosystem, we need more case studies from early adopters to see the unique role it can play in supporting learning and development. This post explores one of those examples, showcasing a story from one of the biggest companies on earth: Walmart.

3 Statistics Showing the Value of Online Learning by Debbie Williams
I share this post for two reasons. First, it provides three great reasons that organizations should consider online training as part of their L&D mix. Secondly, it makes the case through data, referencing the data sources as needed – showing our sources is important when we quote data.

The Face of Entertainment is Changing Because of Augmented Reality by Adriana Blum
Augmented reality is slowing emerging in both the consumer and enterprise markets. In order to understand how a technology like AR is going to change how we learn, we first must understand how these technologies will change the way we live. This post explores how AR will transform the everyday world of consumer entertainment, which will set expectations and pave the way for how we use these technologies in training and education.

Serious Learning Games Can Invigorate Compliance Training by Pam Hogle
Compliance training is a phrase that can bring a sense of gloom to learners and training professionals alike. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This post explores how game-based learning can better deliver the compliance part of compliance training while also creating an experience learners actually look forward to participating in.

How is Your Organization Addressing Compliance Training?

Compliance training is a staple for many organizations and a key activity for learning professionals. The reputation of this critical need in organizations, however, has soured as employees often view the content and approaches with frustration or, worse, disdain.

The Compliance Training Summit elevates the conversation and examines refreshing approaches to increase engagement and, more importantly, the effectiveness of compliance training. This Summit will explore innovative approaches to meet the needs of organizations and gain the valuable attention of employees.

Join us for this online event November 14 & 15, and challenge your organizations assumptions about what compliance training can be.

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