My 8 Favorite “Marc My Words” Articles

Last month Marc Rosenberg wrote his 100th Marc My Words Column for Learning Solutions. It marks the end of an amazing run lasting almost a decade; one full of great insights and learning. I’m glad to know that all of his articles are available for people in our field to learn from for many years to come.

As I look back on Marc’s column, I find myself fascinated by how timeless many of the ideas he shares are. His columns were always approachable and written with the target audience – be they designers, developers, or management – in mind. He had a unique style and humor in his posts that I enjoyed, and I know many in our community feel the same.

I can’t thank Marc enough for everything he’s shared with Learning Solutions readers over the last decade. While I’ll miss having a new column each month through which to peek into Marc’s mind, it’s comforting to know that he’ll still be around at our conferences and events, continuing to give and share to our industry in the future.

Thanks Marc. I raise a glass to you and your 100 Marc My Words columns.

Here are a just a few of my favorite articles from Marc My Words.

Don’t Call Them Learners! August 11, 2015

Learners is a term that is commonly used in our industry. But is that term doing us a disservice? As Marc says in this article, “labels matter”, and he explains why in one of my favorite columns.

Practice Makes Mastery April 9, 2013

One of the reasons I enjoy Marc’s column is how it reflects a general “what can I learn from this?” view on life. Many of his articles reflect on life experiences. This particular one looks at the lessons he took away from a keynote at the Learning Solutions Conference and Expo.

Writing a Good RFP October 11, 2016

Marc often speaks to the needs of today’s learning leaders, but does so in a tactical that makes what he shares especially useful. This article is a great example, as it shares tips on a topic that too many learning leaders overlook.

A Holiday Song for December  December 13, 2016

Another reasons Marc’s column resonated well with me was the humor he often brought to the narrative. The sarcastic tone he sometimes brought to his articles often made me laugh, and it always made me think.

What Exactly Is Mobile Learning? May 12, 2015

Marc often explored the trends that are emerging in our field. When he did, he tended to ignore the shine of the trend to look at why the trend mattered. It was a practical approach that cut through the hype, and something I always appreciated.

The Training to Competence Myth February 11, 2014

Marc would never shy away from a contentious topic. More importantly, when he addressed misconceptions or practices that held us back, he always did so in a way that lifted readers up rather than overly criticizing them.

Five Reasons to Use Performance Support July 9, 2013

List articles are very popular these days. Marc has written a number of columns that use a list format, and they always share specific things that readers can apply right away.

Handy Tips for Expo Shopping January 11, 2011

Marc often wrote on useful skills for elearning professionals that are outside of the typical view. This article is a great example of that.

If you want to explore the full scope of all of Marc’s columns, feel free to visit his Learning Solutions Author Page.

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