David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 8/6/18

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

  • 4 tips every instructional designer needs to know
  • the types of AR experiences that people come back to repeatedly
  • the risks of design thinking emerging as a buzzword
  • how storytelling can enhance learning e
  • how comics can be used for elearning
  • common myths about growth mindsets

Instructional Design for eLearning: 4 Things You Need to Know by Tim Slade
Instructional design is a term that is defined pretty broadly in our industry. For many who come into this field accidentally, understanding what instructional design is, at its core, can be a challenge. This post explores four important guidelines that every ID should always be aware of.

What Types of AR Apps Drive Recurring Use? by Mike Boland
Augmented reality is starting to emerge and be normalized in the consumer landscape. As the application of AR continues to grow, trends in how people are using AR are starting to emerge. This post explores research on the types of AR experiences people come back to and re-engage in. Education is on that list, but looking at the other types of experiences helps us understand the emerging use cases for AR applications, and how we might leverage AR for learning and development. 

Is Design Thinking a Buzzword? by Anthony Rotolo
The question posed by this post is simple to answer. Yes, design thinking is a buzzword. I share this post because it dives into the risks of design thinking emerging as a buzzword, and how it can dilute the value of the word. It’s a great post to help understand the foundational value of what design thinking truly is. 

Storytelling in the Design Process by Vasilis Odysseos
The value of using story for learning is well-documented. We often talk about the value of using storytelling in the learning programs we design. This post looks at how we use story within the design process itself. It’s a great analogy that that has great applications for user experience design.

The Value of Instructional Comics for eLearning by Kevin Thorn
Comic books are a hugely popular medium. We’ve seen comics adapted to movies, television, video games and more. But could comic books be used for training and education? This post explores how comics can be used to enhance your elearning strategy,

5 Mistakes Companies Make About Growth Mindsets by Heidi Grant, Mary Slaughter, & Andrea Derler
Adopting a growth mindset sounds like a great idea in concept, but what does a growth mindset look like in practice? How organizations try to put a growth mindset in place is in many ways built upon what individuals believe about growth mindsets. This post explores some of the myths about growth mindsets that can hurt an organizational learning culture.

How to Overcome the Challenges Facing Today’s Senior Learning Leaders

One of the biggest challenges senior learning leaders face today is keeping their organization’s learning strategy ahead of the advancing technology curve. And the reality is, it’s only going to get harder.

Today’s senior learning leaders need to connect with people and resources that can help them stay ahead of changes in technology, and to help build context on what each technology means to their organization.

I recently shared a post that explores 3 specific things all senior leaders should be doing every day:

  • Actively Connect with other Senior Learning Leaders
  • Become Conversant in Emerging Technologies
  • Engage in Discussions that Put Technology into Context

It’s these three tentpoles around which our Executive Forum has been built. You’ll meet senior leaders dealing with the same challenges you are, gain the knowledge needed to engage in emerging technologies, and participate in discussions that will help you and your organization grow.

If you are responsible for driving your organizational learning strategy, consider joining us for the Executive Forum, co-located with the DevLearn Conference and Expo.

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