David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 07/10/17

kelly_davidThis week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

  • how employees are using facebook for work (and what organizations can learn from it)
  • an example of augmented reality being used in everyday work
  • how Volkswagen is using virtual reality to help employees collaborate
  • how the Navy is using AR to revolutionize training and performance support
  • examples of what personalized elearning might look like
  • questions about the latest trends in employee onboarding.

Here’s the content for this week:

What it means when staff use Facebook for work tasks by Wedge Black
There are huge benefits of using social media technologies to facilitate connections and sharing among employees. In today’s world, if the organization doesn’t have such a network set up, the employees just may set on up for themselves – and as this article explores, that can actually be a good thing.

Augmented Reality on Your Desk—All You Need Is a Lightbulb Socket by Rachel Metz
For many the idea of Augmented Reality still seems like science fiction, but that is quickly changing. There are already plenty of applications of AR being used for learning and performance, and the barriers to leveraging AR technology continue to drop. As this post explores, we’re approaching a day where using AR could be as easy as changing a lightbulb.

Volkswagen Group is Building VR Apps to Help Employees Collaborate Across the Globe by Scott Hayden
Virtual Reality has many applications for learning and performance within an organization. One such area is the ability for workers to collaborate on projects as if they were all in the same room, instead of as just faces on a screen. This post explores an early example of this concept put into practice by Volkswagen.

GunnAR Live Fire Test Shows How AR Can Revolutionize Decades-old Combat Procedures by Ben Lang
The true potential of augmented reality lies in its ability to support people in the act of performing a task. Done right, it can truly transform how we view learning and performance support. This post and the associated video is an example of AR being used to completely transform a decades-old method for training within the Navy.

Personalization: The Secret Ingredient of eLearning Success via ProProfs
Personalization is a growing buzzword in the field of education. But what does it mean, really? This post does a nice job of sharing a number of examples of what it could mean to be creating personalized elearning experiences.

New Hires Are Begging You to Stop These Onboarding Trends by Heather Huhman
Honestly I don’t love the title of this article. It’s very much clickbait, which gives me pause to share it. However, I do like the questions being posed by the author, as well as the general theme of looking beyond the hype of trends so you can assess them within the unique context of your organization.

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