David Kelly’s Curated Content for the Week of 5/22/17


This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

  • 5 common myths in the field of learning
  • a great example of animation used to convey data
  • A new look at assessment in elearning
  • An examination of Social Learning Theory
  • Tips on shooting 360 video
  • A look behind the scenes of a conference

Five Popular Myths About Learning That Are Completely Wrong by Stephanie Vozza
There are lots of myths that people associate with learning. Many are familiar of the Learning Styles myth. This article examines that myth and four additional myths, sharing not only the myths, but the truth behind the myths.

This is an American Workday, By Occupation by Nathan Yau
While the information in this article is interesting, that’s not the reason I share it here. The article takes a very complex set of data – where people are (work, home, or someplace else) and whether or not they are working during a 24 hour period – and shares an animation that tells the data’s story in an easy to comprehend visual. It’s another great example of how the right visual can greatly enhance someone’s ability to learn.

eLearning Design: Assess? When? How? by Michael Allen
Assessment is a big component of elearning, but it’s also commonly neglected, with courses often ending with a standard test. Conversations around improving assessment are often focused on asking better test questions – something that has great value – but we should also be looking at how we are positioning assessment within the experience of the learning program. Doing so can not only make the assessments better, but as this post explores, can also bring us closer to personalizing the experience for each individual.

What Is Social Learning – What Does It Mean? via Designing Digitally
Social Learning continues to be an area of our work that shows great potential. However, many struggle with understanding what it really is, something that is critical in order to take action on it. To me understanding social learning is more about a broad base of understanding rather than a single definition. This post explores a part of that discussion – Social Learning Theory (SLT) theorized and created by Albert Bandura, and what it means to people in our field.

Shoot 360 Video Like a Pro in 6 Simple Steps by Paul Sarconi
The interest in using 360 video for learning and development continues to rise. Buying a camera that can shoot 360 video is the easy part; the more challenging part is realizing what makes a good 360 video, because it’s a very different medium than traditional video. This post explores 6 quick tips to get you started.

Behind the Scenes of a Conference – Reviewing Session Proposals by Bianca Woods
Have you ever wondered what happens with a conference proposal after it’s been submitted? My team and I are asked about how we build a conference program often, so we decided to share a bit of a peek behind the curtain and create a blog series sharing some of our processes. This first post examines the first stage of what we do when we review proposals. If you’ve ever submitted a conference proposal – or are thinking about doing so in the future – you may be interested in this post.

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