What I Love About #DevLearn: Trina Rimmer

CaptureTo help celebrate the 10th Annual DevLearn Conference and Expo, we’ve invited members of the Guild community to share what they love about DevLearn, and why they return to the conference year after year.

Today we welcome Trina Rimmer, Chief Designer at Rimmer Creative Group as she shares her thoughts about the DevLearn.

When thinking about your own professional development needs, does your brain conjure images of PowerPoint training slides and competency models? Do you suffer from feelings of isolation and frustration when trying to convey what it is that you really do on the job? Do you feel overwhelmed by new tools and technology?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone. You may be suffering from PDD: Professional Development Depression; a contagious, but highly treatable form of ambition arrest. If you’re experiencing symptoms of PDD, ask your manager about DevLearn by The eLearning Guild.

DevLearn is an immersive learning experience clinically shown to:

  • Enhance your ability to interface with peers, share ideas, ask questions, and brainstorm strategies.
  • Challenge your assumptions and expand your knowledge.
  • Provide abundant opportunities for participating in exciting conversations led by skilled industry experts.
  • Help you build a customized network of professional development resources, tools, and contacts.

But don’t just take the Guild’s word for it…


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I’ve been on annual doses of DevLearn since 2011 and it’s changed my life. Before DevLearn, I had dreams and motivation, but my career lacked focus. I struggled to develop a clear understanding of my skill gaps or how to address them. Since I started DevLearn, I’ve grown my knowledge and skills, renewed my passion and unleashed my creativity, AND I’ve planned and built a successful business as a freelance Instructional Designer/Developer. I’ve also grown a robust professional learning network (PLN) that guides and sustains me between doses. I love DevLearn!

– Trina Rimmer, former PDD sufferer

Of course there are risks associated with using DevLearn to treat cases of PDD. These risks include:

  • Temporarily increased brain stimulation caused by a wide array of learning opportunities, usually resulting in difficulty eating and sleeping.
  • A nagging urge to explore new and creative ideas with peers and collaborators back on the job.
  • Spontaneous bursts of enthusiasm for your job.

As you’ve seen, the benefits of DevLearn are clear. So why wait? Talk to your manager today about attending DevLearn.

Why do you love DevLearn? Let’s meet in Las Vegas and find out together.

Who’s next to share what they love about DevLearn? Maybe it’s YOU! If  you’re interested in sharing your thoughts, please reach out to David Kelly via email.

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