David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 2/7/22

David Kelly, CEO, The Learning Guild

I read through a number of articles and blog posts each day as part of my professional development. Each week, I curate a few of my favorites, including a brief introduction explaining why I find the post to be of value, and recommend you read it.

Here’s a summary of this week’s content:

  • How to use ROI to unform future learning programs
  • How learning pathways can enhance your L&D strategies
  • A presentation deck exploring the latest in designer trends
  • Definitions that are emerging around the term “metaverse”
  • Cognitive load from the learner’s point of view

Use Your ROI Data to Prototype Your Future L&D Efforts
ROI is something many L&D professionals strive for to tell the story of the value their learning programs are providing. But ROI isn’t just something that tells you about the past; as this post explores, it can also help inform the future.

Create Learning Pathways to Close Your Organization’s Skills Gap
Learning pathways can be a powerful force in supporting employees’ professional development. This post by Marc Zao-Sanders and Georgina Peake looks at what learning pathways are and the value they can add to an organization’s learning and performance strategy.

PowerPoint: E-Learning Design Trends 2022
Keeping ahead of the design trends can have great benefits to your elearning, but it can also be a challenge. I always count on people whose design skills are stronger than my own to keep me informed, and this deck from Bianca Woods is one such resource. Not only does this resource include a PDF deck to read through, but it also includes a PowerPoint version of the file that you can use to share the presentation with your team.

The Virtual and IRL Verses of the Metaverse
The metaverse has quickly become one of the top buzzwords in the industry. While what that term means is still evolving, there are some common themes that are emerging that can help put some framework around your understanding. This post by Mike Boland does a good job of summarizing the metaverse in a way that looks at where things are, and where they may go from here.

Cognitive Load Theory and its Applications for Learning
Cognitive load can have a tremendous impact on a person’s ability to learn. This post by Scott Young does a great job of explaining cognitive load and its impact on learning from the learner’s point of view.,

It’s hard to execute a strong learning strategy that stands against the test of everyday organizational challenges. There are unexpected disruptions that come with evolving work environments, new virtual tools and techniques, and a forever-changing industry. Leading confidently and successfully through those disruptions isn’t a job anyone should face alone.

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