David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 1/31/22

David Kelly
CEO, The Learning Guild

I read through a number of articles and blog posts each day as part of my professional development. Each week, I curate a few of my favorites, including a brief introduction explaining why I find the post to be of value, and recommend you read it.

Here’s a summary of this week’s content:

  • Tips on how to minimize stress that can come from working on hybrid teams
  • A guide to what you need to consider in virtual onboarding
  • Why the definition of elearning may not be as important as you think
  • The fine line that exists between gamification and manipulation
  • How to communicate authenticity through virtual tools

Avoid Landmines When Leading a Hybrid Team
Working on hybrid teams comes with a host of unique challenges that can cause friction among the team members. This post by Danielle Wallace looks at the causes of the stress that can emerge on hybrid teams, and what learning leaders can do to strengthen the dynamics of virtual teams.

Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Onboarding
Onboarding is a critical table-setter in an employee’s career with your organization. The pandemic shifted many company’s onboarding to virtual, which created significant challenges. This post by Jose Triana provides a great overview of what you need to be considering when building a virtual onboarding program.

Elearning. What do I call thee? Let me count the ways.
ELearning is a term that has been used for decades, and its meaning has evolved over time. The recent shift to remote work has drastically increased the number of people exposed to some form of learning, which has only further muddied the definition of the term. This post by Cammy Bean explores this challenge and points to a solution that’s more important than just the definition of the word.

How ‘Gamification’ of Everything Is Manipulating You (and How to Recognize It)
Gamification is a powerful engagement tool that is increasingly popular in the world of L&D. But like many powers, gamification can be damaging if used without ethical considerations. This post by Stephen Johnson looks at the fine line between gamification and manipulation, and how you can recognize when that line is being crossed.

Communicating Authentically in a Virtual World
Authenticity is a critical part of communication, and something that can easily be lost as more and more of our interactions take place virtually. This post by Andrew Brodsky provides a number of great tips on how to convey your authenticity, even through virtual communication tools.

New eLearning Quality Assurance Checklist – FREE DOWNLOAD

Testing and reviewing for quality assurance may not be the most glamourous part of the eLearning development process, but it’s critical for success. Ultimately, it saves time and helps to thoroughly correct errors and fix problems before sending out your eLearning.

In the eLearning Quality Assurance Checklist, created by Christy Tucker, you will find a detailed list of points you should check before releasing your eLearning. This checklist is split into four categories you should consider when checking your eLearning. The categories include:

  • Functionality and Usability
  • Visual Design
  • Animation, Video, and Timing
  • Accessibility

You will receive additional resources and guides to ensure your eLearning is ready for success.

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