#GuildChat for 07/02/21: How Hobbies Help Our Work

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, July 2 at 11AM PT/2PM ET. This week’s topic is How Hobbies Help Our Work.


I really like gardening. More specifically landscaping so spring and summer are my favorite season to dig (get it?) into my hobby. I definitely see similarities in my choice of hobby and in my work. Specifically, I like the interplay of live and inanimate objects. For example, the image below is of a small rock fountain with succulents and flowing water that I created.

I’m intrigued and find beauty in creating this balance between these elements. And I like to work with what is there, not start anew. If you know me, my interests, and my work then there are clear parallels.

This week in #GuildChat we look closer at our hobbies and what they offer us in our more professional work. Maybe they are opposite, where the hobby fills a void or, like me, they are a natural extension of my work in a different area or medium. Do they provide stimulation that carries over into or recharges your work? Or can they invite creative thinking that was otherwise impossible?

Join us this week and share your experiences, observations, and maybe, quite possibly find another who shares in your specific hobby and build a great new connection!



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