#GuildChat for 02/19/21: The LearnTech Cafe is OPEN!

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, February 19that 11am PT / 2pm ET. This week’s chat is a return to the LearnTech Cafe!


This week we renew the LearnTech Cafe approach we did last year with a new set of conversational menu items for you to choose from.

We’ll dive into learning technology, strategy and approaches this round but again, you get some choices on what to “consume”.

First, we’ll present Appetizers, small bite-sized queries to get you started before we move on to the entrées.

Next, Entrées, the main course question offerings. These will be a more hearty selection, deeper and satisfying.

Finally, we’ll wrap up with an assortment of guilty pleasure-like Dessert inquiries, certain to leave you feeling good about your latest visit to the LearnTech Cafe!

Bring your learning appetite this Friday and prepare to dig into a rich meal of sharing with your community!

Here’s the question menu to whet your appetite!

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