David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 9/14/20

David Kelly, Executive Director, The Learning Guild

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, this week’s resources continue to have the dual focus of providing resources that can help us navigate this troubling time, while also giving us new ways to expand the view we have on the work we do as L&D professionals.

Here’s a summary of this week’s content:

  • How to engage people while also being sensitive to Zoom fatigue
  • A look at four “laws of learning” distilled from education research
  • An examination of things that may forever be changed as we look at learning in the new normal
  • How discrimination can be coded into artificial intelligence, and how we can work against it
  • Examples of how virtual technology can enhance your elearning courses

How to Engage Your Audience and Save Them From Zoom Fatigue by
Amelia Ma
Zoom fatigue is a term that has quickly emerged into our consciousness during the pandemic crisis. This post by Amelia Ma looks at various techniques you can use to engage people while also being sensitive to the reality of Zoom fatigue. 

4 Laws of Learning and How to Follow Them by Jennifer Gonzalez
There’s a lot of research that helps inform education and training. This post by Jennifer Gonzalez consolidates much of that research into four primary rules that help define strong education and training practices.

5 Broken Things in the New Normal by Julian Stodd
While the world is still battling COVID-19, much attention is starting to be paid to a return to “the new normal” of daily life. This post by Julian Stodd explores five things in employee learning that may be changed forever by the pandemic.

How to Fight Discrimination in AI by Andrew Burt
Artificial intelligence has tremendous potential to transform the future of work, but it also has significant risks. This post by Andrew Burt looks at the risks that AI present if we aren’t careful about how it is programmed. Learning professionals should be very aware of how AI is developing and how it will impact our workplaces.

7 Ideas for Running a Virtual E-Learning Event by Laura Lynch
Much attention is being focused on virtual learning to accommodate the needs of organizations during the pandemic. This post by Laura Lynch looks at how virtual elements can be used to enhance traditional elearning programs.

What Works, and What Doesn’t, in Diversity Training

Organizations implement diversity initiatives for a number of reasons, including a desire to increase representation, decrease workplace conflicts, and teach different individuals how to work together effectively.

In What Works, and What Doesn’t, in Diversity Training, Jane Bozarth assesses the literature on diversity training. This report outlines key points and offers insight into which strategies lead to either the success or failure of diversity training programs. You will get a glimpse into the benefits of developing a successful diversity training program within your organization, which approaches you should consider when planning your efforts, and which tactics you should avoid.

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