XR for Learning – July 24, 2020

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Augmented, Virtual, and other mixed reality technologies are rapidly emerging and advancing, creating new and exciting opportunities for training and education. XR for Learning collects some of the best XR content that learning professionals can learn from.

Here’s this week’s recommended content.

History Of Virtual Reality by Virtual Reality Society
It’s said that you can’t know where you’re going without knowing where you’ve been. This post does a great job of detailing the history of virtual reality, including the key moments and changes that have driven the adoption of VR that is taking place today.

Why is Augmented Reality Taking Such a Long Time to Gain Popularity? by Elay Romanov
Augmented reality has been “in the wild” for a few years now, but hasn’t yet pushed through the same way VR has. This post by Elay Romanov looks at why that may be, and what may push adoption past the tipping point.

Iconic music venue will present live gigs you can watch in VR from your home by Luke Dormehl
Many industries are turning to virtual reality to help people connect during the pandemic. The music industry has been extremely affected by the pandemic, with no expectation that concerts will return to our lives any time soon. This post looks at how virtual reality is being used to fill that gap.

Augmented reality startup Mira announces $10M more in funding from Sequoia and others by Lucas Matney
Augmented reality headsets have yet to generate mainstream use causing a number of startup hardware manufacturers to fold in recent years. This post by Lucas Matney looks at one platform that has persevered, and I share the post here as an example of why they have succeeded: because they narrowly focused their product on solving a real business challenge. 

Productivity Powerhouse: ‘Immersed’ Launches on Oculus Quest
Virtual reality is about more than games and training programs. It’s also a productivity and collaboration tool, one that is especially useful; in the context of the pandemic. This post looks at one of the newest applications playing in this space, and how applications like this are helping support the future of work.

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