#GuildReads for July 17, 2020: Research on Self-Directed Learning

Beginning Friday, July 17th we’ll occasionally repurpose the 11am PT / 2pm ET time slot we typically use for #GuildChat to bring you something new: #GuildReads. In the spirit of university-based research reading groups, this initiative invites conversation about some of the research reports published by The Learning Guild as well as exploration of some especially interesting, relevant research being published elsewhere. You’ll have a chance to chat live with authors about their published work, and together we’ll explore some issues around conducting and reporting on research – including how to find and interpret it.

Note that this is intended to be a collegial learning-together experience rather than a formal presentation or interview type session: Think “club” more than “conference”.

So how does it work? There are two easy parts.

Part 1: Read the Research

Our initial gatherings will focus on recent research reports from The Learning Guild’s Research Library. These are available for free download with a free membership.

Part 2: Join us for the live event

The Learning Guild’s Director of Research Jane Bozarth will then host a live discussion with the author. You are welcome (in fact, encouraged) to join in. The 30-minute live event will be your chance to ask any questions about the research report, pick the author’s brain about research challenges or concerns, or perhaps take the discussion in some new directions.

You’ll need to register in advance and the link will always be here in TWIST.

Our first #GuildReads Guest: Catherine Lombardozzi

For our first #GuildReads on July 17th starting at 11am PT / 2pm ET we’ll be talking with Catherine Lombardozzi, author of our June report “Self DirectedLearning: Essential Strategy for a Rapidly Changing World”.  We’ll explore topics such as developing self-directed capabilities, environmental conditions that support self-directed learning, and evaluating self-directed learning activities.

What else?

Watch for the #GuildReads hashtag on Twitter to join in ongoing conversation about the live events or other conversation about L&D-related research.

We are excited about this new initiative and hope to see you on July 17th!

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