#GuildChat for 02/14/20: Visual Design for Learning

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, February 14th at 11am PT / 2pm ET. This week’s chat is on Visual Design for Learning.

Visual design plays a large role in the effectiveness of learning solutions and learning resources. Done right, visual design can simplify information, make concepts easier to understand and help your work look cohesive and polished.


In this week’s #GuildChat we’ll be joined by expert guests Tracy Parish and Dawn Mahoney. Together we’ll discuss how visuals and graphic design can help what you create be more effective, as well as the strategies and resources available to assist you. We’ll explore the importance of visual design elements such as type, space, color, images, contrast. Regardless of whether or not you see yourself as waving artistic skills, you’ll discover simple techniques that can quickly boost your visual design efforts.

Bring your own ideas and learn about others this week in #GuildChat.

Potential Questions:

Q1 What are some basic art skills you should have to be decent at visual design? #GuildChat
Q2 What aspects of visual design do you think L&D could stand to do better with? #GuildChat
Q3 How do you approach applying visual design principles and practices to your projects? #GuildChat
Q4 How do you tackle making your project visually appealing if you are stuck with corporate standards? #GuildChat
Q5 How do you know when your approach to visual design is working/not working? #GuildChat
Q6 How can you balance the visual design need for whitespace (empty areas in your design) with requests from SMEs/Stakeholders to cram as much content into a design as possible? #GuildChat
Q7 If someone doesn’t currently have strong visual design skills, what’s one new or different thing they can do right now that’s easy to learn and can make a difference in their work? #GuildChat
Q8 Where do you turn for great visual design resources (like images, fonts, icons, videos, etc)? #GuildChat


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