XR for Learning Weekly – January 14, 2020

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Augmented, Virtual, and other mixed reality technologies are rapidly emerging and advancing, creating new and exciting opportunities for training and education. XR for Learning Weekly collects some of the week’s best XR content that learning professionals can learn from.

XR for Learning is curated by the team that brings you Realities360, the premier AR/VR event for education and training professionals.

Here’s this week’s recommended content.

WebAR Adoption is Going Mainstream in 2020, Here’s Why by Caspar Thykier
WebAR has the potential to be a major driver of augmented reality adoption and normalization. This post by Caspar Thykier examines three reasons that 2020 may be the year WebAR truly takes off.

Think your house is smart now? Here’s a peek at what it’ll be like with AR by Luke Dormehl
I find the title of this post by Luke Dormehl a bit misleading. The real value of this post is in its exploration of a technology that looks to address an important part of an augmented reality experience: displaying digital assets in a way that doesn’t block the more important parts of the real-world view.

Nreal Announces New Partnerships and Capabilities at CES by Jon Jaehnig
One of the best ways to understand the possibilities augmented reality provides for learning and development is to explore the use cases AR companies are exploring for their products. This post by Jon Jaehnig looks at updates from an AR company at CES. I share it here for the great explanation of the concept of “content persistence” and what it means for the future of spatial computing.

Is Virtual Reality training the key to improving worker safety? by Jonny Williamson
One of the drivers of virtual reality adoption will be research that shows the effective use of the technology. This post by Jonny Williamson highlights a study suggesting that employee safety could be improved through use of VR in health and safety training.

Varjo’s ‘Workspace’ Demo is a Glimpse of VR’s Long Term Future in the Workplace by Ben Lang
As more and more technology companies focus their AR and VR efforts on enterprise, the use cases for workplace applications are starting to emerge. I share this post by Ben Lang for two reasons. First, it’s an interesting example of the tool being used to increase worker productivity. Second, this technology is a VR headset with AR capabilities via passthrough view, which is an example of the increasingly blurred line between VR and AR hardware.

Three Great Reasons to Attend Realities360

The Realities360 Conference and Expo is the premier event exploring how augmented and virtual reality can transform education and training. The conference brings together early adopters from all over the world for a singular purpose: to share and expand proven practices and harness the potential of AR & VR for learning.

There are a host of reasons to attend the conference, but let’s focus on three specific ones that are unique when compared against other industry events.

A Conference with a Purpose: Supporting XR Adoption

When our team curates a conference, we usually have a guiding principle in mind that spaces every decision we make about the program. For Realities360, that principle is to support augmented and virtual reality adoption in our industry. In the case of emerging technologies like AR & VR, what is needed evolves each year. When we first held the conference we focused on understanding, and from there we shifted to add more skill-based sessions that explored how to design and develop these solutions. This year we’re excited to lean into use cases that give early adopters the opportunity to share their projects, and for attendees to learn from the lessons they will share.

A Focus on Solutions You Can Apply Today

While AR and VR are still emerging, they are technologies that have matured enough to solve problems and increase productivity for your organization TODAY. The Realities360 program is built with application in mind. You will find sessions that explore strategic decisions, tactical design and development tutorials, and case studies sharing proven practices that will provide you with knowledge and skills that will support you in your AR and VR projects today, and tomorrow.

Free Access to a Second Conference: Learning Solutions

New for 2020 is the collocation of Realities360 with the Learning Solutions Conference and Expo. While the focus of Realities360 is narrow, exploring the emerging landscape of augmented and virtual reality technology and how it can be used in education and training, Learning Solutions enables you to explore what works across the full spectrum of technology-enabled learning and development. Your Realities360 Conference registration provides you with complete access to the Learning Solutions program, giving you the ability to put what you learn about AR & VR into the broader context of your complete L&D strategy.

These are just a few of the reasons to consider attending Realities360 this year. Be sure to visit the event website to check out all the great experiences we’ll be hosting in Orlando this Spring.

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