XR for Learning Weekly – November 14, 2019

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Augmented, Virtual, and other mixed reality technologies are rapidly emerging and advancing, creating new and exciting opportunities for training and education. XR for Learning Weekly collects some of the week’s best XR content that learning professionals can learn from.

XR for Learning is curated by the team that brings you Realities360, the premier AR/VR event for education and training professionals.

Here’s this week’s recommended content.

Debunking 5 Myths: VR-Based Training Effective at Any Age by Pam Hogle
As the use of virtual reality for training increases, common practices based on research are starting to emerge. This post examines five common myths you should be aware of as you start to integrate VR into your education and training programs.

The new HoloLens is better, but here’s why you’re still not going to buy it by Rachel Metz
This is a great update on the new HoloLens device from Microsoft. Unfortunately, the title is a bit misleading. The article does address why individual consumers may not buy the device; it’s because the device is positioned as a workplace training tool.

VR makes learning authentic, memorable by Josh Bersin
This article examines a number of current examples of how organizations are using virtual reality for training and performance. It focuses on one of the biggest unique values virtual reality can provide: the ability to practice.

XR Talks: Adobe Lowers AR Creation Barriers by Mike Boland
One of the barriers to mass adoption of augmented reality is the complexity of the tools required to build AR experiences. This post looks at a tool that is making augmented reality even more accessible: Adobe Aero.

Report: Apple has 1,000 engineers working on AR/VR headset with focus on gaming [Bloomberg] by James Brightman
One of the biggest rumors in the AR/VR space is that Apple is working on a headset of its own. The rumors vary on what they might be working on, but it seems certain that they are working on a device that will launch in the near future. This post explores a recent report on a team of engineers working on a game-focused headset.

Realities360: The Premier AR/VR Event for Learning

Recent surveys collected by the eLearning Guild show that over 80% of orgainzations are exploring the use of AR and/or VR for training and education. A rapidly growing number of organizations are already actively using these technologies. XR isn’t just about the future; it’s already transforming the world of training and education today.

The Realities360 Conference and Expo is the premier event to explore this transformation and what it means to your organization

. The conference brings together the industry providers that are building training and education platforms, tools, and solutions so that curious professionals can explore how these technologies work, and orgainzations already putting them into use can get the guidance and support needed to build their AR/VR strategies and programs.

Join us in Orlando this March, and discover the value that XR can bring to your organization. Registration is now open, and many of the sessions you can expect are already online.

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