DevLearn Daily for Wednesday

The day starts early at DevLearn, with Morning Buzz, the better to maximize your learning opportunities! At 7:30 am, fourteen Morning Buzz sessions open for you, ranging from a Conference Orientation to experts leading discussions on topics such as blended learning, project management, xAPI, using podcasts for learning, and “Department of One Survival Skills.” Check out all the Morning Buzz sessions in the conference app.

TIP: Your User ID for the conference app is your email address and the password is devlearn (all lower case).

Join over 4,100 of your colleagues at 8:30 am in the Grand Ballroom to get your DevLearn 2019 started! The 15th Anniversary of the largest eLearning event in North America begins as David Kelly welcomes you and gives an overview of the exciting program and speakers featured this year.

The Opening Keynote: Sophia, an advanced humanoid, will speak on “Artificial Intelligence and Learning: A Robot’s Point of View” and will engage with David Kelly in a live interview about robots in our daily lives.

TIP: SWAG!!!!! Earn points by using the conference app to post messages to conference attendees! Trade your points for SWAG at the Swag Shop in the Rotunda from 11 am to 6 pm. Check the Leaderboard in the conference app to see how you are doing.

At 10 am, the DevLearn Expo opens in the Exhibition Center. Visit with 165 key suppliers of learning technologies, tools, products, and services for two days of essential information about what is available today. At the same time, presenters on five stages in the Hall offer non-stop focused talks on trends, techniques, and tools, delivering ideas that you can take home for immediate application. The Expo is open today until 6:30 pm.

TIP: There are 15th Anniversary giveaways! Who will get these? It’s a surprise!

Sixteen concurrent teaching sessions begin at 10:45 am throughout the conference area. Use the Conference App to read the summaries of these great presentations and to plan your path through the day.

TIP: These are some of the sessions people are eagerly anticipating this morning:

Session 101:  “A 2020 View of UI Design Trends”; Tracy Parish

Session 104: “Hype or Home Run? Microlearning Demystified for Learning Leaders”; Carla Torgerson

Session 111: “Strategies for Supporting Complex Skill Development”; Julie Dirksen

Session 113: “Using Storytelling Strategies to Write Compelling Scenarios”; Hadiya Nuriddin

Remember: Lunch begins at 11:45 in the Expo Hall. You will find a lunch ticket in your conference badge. The lunch menu is in the Conference App!

Thirty-two afternoon concurrent teaching sessions begin at 1:15 pm, and ten more non-stop stage sessions in the Expo Hall.

TIP: These are some of the sessions people are eagerly anticipating this afternoon:

Session 203: “ Use Visual Design to Create Engaging eLearning”; Tim Slade

Session 211: “Using Brain Science to Increase Learning Retention and ROI”; Art Kohn

Session 303: “Film School for Learning Professionals”; Jonathan Halls

Session 306: “The Competency-Based Workplace”; Judy Katz and Robby Robson

Session 309: “Creating Amazing Learning Experiences: Get Inspired!”; Linda Daniels and Nick Floro

Session 310: “Guild Research Trends”; Jane Bozarth, Julie Dirksen, and Megan Torrance

Finish your day of learning back in the Grand Ballroom with our afternoon keynote: “Using Data to Inform Learning and Work,” by Talithia Williams, host of the PBS series NOVA Wonders.

After hearing Dr. Williams, return to the Expo Hall from 5:15 pm to 6:30 pm for the Expo Reception, and a drink and a bite to eat. Connect with conference speakers, with your colleagues, and the leading learning suppliers. There is a drink ticket in your conference badge, and cash bars around the Hall.

Have a great day and a great evening! See you Thursday!

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