Help Support UMC Children’s Hospital at DevLearn

The eLearning Guild Community is built upon a simple idea: Together We Are Better.

That idea is present in everything we do, from our conferences and online events to all our research, articles, and publications. It’s through connections and sharing that we grow as individuals and as a community, and it’s how we help push the L&D industry forward.

In recent years we’ve looked at how the power of our community could be extended beyond our core work as learning and development professionals. We recently launched Guild for Good as a forum to explore ways that the eLearning Guild community can collaborate on projects and ideas that contribute to a greater good and help make the world a better place.

We’re excited to announce that Guild for Good is collaborating with UMC Children’s Hospital to collect donations at the DevLearn Conference and Expo this fall.

UMC Children’s Hospital is devoted to making sick and injured children healthy and well by combining compassionate, family-centered care with modern technology. The eLearning Guild has informally supported the hospital in the past, most notably by donating musical instruments from the popular Ukulele Learning sessions at DevLearn the last few years.

This year we wanted to do something more. The hospital is always in need of things that bring joy to the children it serves, such as video games, toys, art supplies, books, and more. A full list of needed items can be found here.

Since many of the things they need can easily fit into an attendee’s luggage, we’ve decided to make this year’s conference a formal collection point for donations to the hospital. We encourage everyone attending DevLearn this year to consider bringing a donation for the hospital. We’ll have collection points at the conference, and will arrange to have all donations shipped to the hospital.

Not able to join us for DevLearn this year, or unable to bring a donation? Please consider making a donation to our fundraiser on facebook for The UMC Foundation which supports the Children’s Hospital. The fundraiser runs through October 26 with all proceeds going directly to the foundation.

DevLearn has always been about bringing people together to share and help one another. This collaboration extends that goal beyond the conference itself, allowing our community to support an organization that is doing wonderful work for kids.

Because together we are better, and together we can make a difference.

That’s what the eLearning Guild Community is all about.

Thank you for being a part of it.

Click here to see the list of needed donations

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