David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 9/23/19

David Kelly, Executive Director, The eLearning Guild

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

  • An exploration in the foundational question “What is e-learning”
  • A guide to experimenting and prototyping
  • When should you buy content off-the-shelf
  • A look at Jane Hart’s annual Learning Tools survey results
  • 14 ways to get more out of Google Drive
  • 3 things to consider before building your next learning program

What is e-Learning? by Michael Allen
E-learning is a term that has been in existence for decades. Over that time, e-learning as a concept has evolved and advanced, creating a wide spectrum of experiences and program types. This post looks to answer “What is e-learning?” in the context of 2019.

A guide to experimenting and prototyping by Kelly Lai
This is a great post exploring the why and how of experimenting and prototyping. The core reason I share it here is for the details it provides around why experimenting and prototyping make business sense.

5 Types of Learning Content You Should Buy Off the Shelf by A.J. O’Connell
Not all learning content should be created internally. Sometimes it’s easier and more cost-effective to buy content off-the-shelf. But… what are those times? This post looks at 5 types of content that may be better served via off-the-shelf content.

Tops 200 Tools for Learning 2019 by Jane Hart
Each year Jane Hart does a survey of the tools people use for learning, publishing a ranked listing of the results. I always find the list interesting to see what people are using, and to discover new and emerging tools that I might add to my practice. H

14 incredibly useful things you didn’t know Google Drive could do by JR Raphael
We often judge a tool based on how we use it, but often the true power of a tool is determined by how deep we explore the tool. That’s why I love posts like this that dive into the powerful but underused functionality. If you use Google Drive, this is a great read.

Three Things to Do Before Building Your E-Learning Course by Tom Kuhlmann
In the fast-paced world of work, it easy to jump quickly into the task of building learning programs. Taking a bit more time to think about what you’re building before you start can often lead to better designs and a more efficient development cycle. This post examines three specific things you can consider doing before starting to build your next learning program.

How to Overcome the Challenges Facing Today’s Senior Learning Leaders

One of the biggest challenges senior learning leaders face today is keeping their organization’s learning strategy ahead of the advancing technology curve. And the reality is, it’s only going to get harder.

Today’s senior learning leaders need to connect with people and resources that can help them stay ahead of changes in technology, and to help build context on what each technology means to their organization.

I recently shared a post that explores 3 specific things all senior leaders should be doing every day:

  • Actively Connect with other Senior Learning Leaders
  • Become Conversant in Emerging Technologies
  • Engage in Discussions that Put Technology into Context

It’s these three tentpoles around which our Executive Forum has been built. You’ll meet senior leaders dealing with the same challenges you are, gain the knowledge needed to engage in emerging technologies, and participate in discussions that will help you and your organization grow.

If you are responsible for driving your organizational learning strategy, consider joining us for the Executive Forum, co-located with the DevLearn Conference and Expo.

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