Your Work Has a Story. Share It at DemoFest!

Most who know me, know that my passion for the topic of learning is in the informal and social space. This is one of the biggest reasons I get excited about DemoFest at each of our events. If you’ve ever attended, you know that it’s an energy-filled evening of experiencing, conversation and open reflection – key elements in learning. It’s also about the story. Each presenter shares the story of their work; the technology, the purpose, the ins and outs, the passion, the impact, and the process behind their projects. Their eyes light up, for each it’s exhilarating and exhausting and although they end the night spent, it’s always with a smile on their face as they express how much fun it was to share, meet different people, build their network, and get feedback.

L&D work is rarely if ever plug-n-play or off the shelf. Each day we are challenged to solve unique problems in creative ways. The solutions are valuable to others even when you may think they are insignificant. For example, when I speak at events I often share a story of how almost 10 years ago now I used SharePoint blogs to enhance employee onboarding experiences. For most, it’s still an eye-opening, innovative approach.

So DemoFest is not an event about exclusivity, cutting edge or even best of the best. Most DemoFest presenters have simply created a solution that solves a specific need for their organization or a client (like I had). And that’s the general acceptance criteria – 1. is it a solution that uses technology? And 2. was it created to solve a unique and real problem (no product pitches please)? That’s it! At DemoFest you’ll see it all; solutions using single authoring tools, games, mixed media, mixed tech, courses. modules, microlearning, simulations, assessments, etc.

If you’re already a registered attendee, full conference or Expo+, submit a project that you’ve created. It’s super easy and you never know what others can learn from your story.

If you’re not a registered attendee and looking to get in front of people, showcase your solution and your expertise, then DemoFest is the next best thing to speaking at a conference! Register for DevLearn, submit a proposal to DemoFest and if accepted, you’ll get a space to tell your story to potentially thousands of attendees!

Let us know if you have any questions about DemoFest by emailing us at

See you at DevLearn!



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