David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 5/6/19

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

  • the lessons we can learn from Lego’s new Braille bricks
  • how the lens you use to view your work shapes your thinking
  • An interview exploring A.I. and it’s impact on humanity
  • tips on developing your elearning portfolio
  • A series of tips to enhance your next elearning script
  • a review of a new and disruptive VR headset

Lego’s Braille Bricks Aren’t Just For Kids by Peter Slatin
I share this post for two primary reasons. It represents a great example of looking beyond the obvious to find innovative ways of solving problems. More importantly, it shines a light on the important role empathy plays in being inclusive in our designs.

To Change the Way You Think, Change the Way You See by Adam Brandenburger
The lens through which we view our world in many ways shapes how we see the world, and how we think. This applies not only to the broad view we have of the world in general but in narrower contexts like how we view our work. This post examines how intentionally looking at things through a different lens can change the way you think.

Will Artificial Intelligence Enhance or Hack Humanity? by Nicholas Thompson
A.I. Is rapidly emerging and is poised to disrupt our world in ways most of us can barely imagine. But what the impact be on humanity as we increasingly allow technology to take on parts of our lives? This interview explores this deep question.

Check Out My Elearning Portfolio by Tim Slade
Portfolios are important, not just for independent freelancers but for internal practitioners as well. But what makes a good portfolio? What should it include? What format should it take? This post explores these questions and more, providing lots of tips for your own portfolio.

17 Tips for Writing E-Learning Scripts
A script is a critical part Of your elearning course and can often make or break the experience people have with your programs. This post explores a series of tips that can help bring your e-learning script to a new level.

Oculus Quest review: A new milestone for VR by Raymond Wong, Keith Wagstaff, & Zlata Ivleva
Virtual reality takes another significant step forward as a technology with this month’s release of Oculus Quest, the first stand-alone VR system that provides the same levels of immersion previously only available through PC-based VR  this review not only covers the device, but also what about this device makes it a significant step forward for VR.

Exploring AR or VR for Training? Join us in June!

Recent surveys collected by the eLearning Guild show that over 80% of orgainzations are exploring the use of AR and/or VR for training and education. A rapidly growing number of organizations are already actively using or piloting the technologies.

Combine these sentiments with AR/VR industry surveys that show investments targeting enterprise training and education as one of the primary targets of AR/VR providers and it appears that AR/VR training is well-positioned for a breakthrough moment.

This year’s Realities360 Conference and Expo supports this unique moment by bringing together the industry providers that are building training and education platforms, tools, and solutions so that curious professionals can explore how these technologies work, and orgainzations already putting them into use can get the guidance and support needed to build their AR/VR strategies and programs.

If your organization is actively exploring, or implementing AR or VR training and education, you need to be at Realities360 this June. Registration is now open, and many of the sessions you can expect are already online.

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