#GuildChat for 09/21/18: Collaboration Tips and Strategies

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, September 21st at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Our topic for this week’s chat is on Collaboration Tips and Strategies

Thanks to Nick Floro for suggesting this week’s topic!

Collaboration has had a lot of attention by organizations over the past decade. With the advent of social technology we now have easier ways to collaborate and beyond just collaborating with our own teams.


Join us this week as we look at the strategies, techniques and technologies around effective collaboration and the recent backlash around too much collaboration resulting in burnout.

So look forward to a deep discussion around the strengths of various tools, the challenges of more democratic approaches to work and the idea of collaboration beyond the team (clients, stakeholders and customers too).


Prospective questions:

Q1. How do you differentiate collaboration from cooperation or sharing? #GuildChat
Q2. What do you find can help encourage people who feel hesitant or disinterested in collaborating? #GuildChat
Q3. How do you decide who to include and who not when collaborating with others on projects? #GuildChat
Q4. How is collaborating with customers or clients different and/or similar to doing so with internal people? Explain. #GuildChat
Q5. Can you ever collaborate too much? Why or why not? #GuildChat
Q6. What tools or technologies are you using today to improve collaboration? #GuildChat
Q7. What are the key affordances and potential drawbacks of online collaboration? #GuildChat
Q8. What “rules of engagement” would you recommend to make collaborative efforts more effective? #GuildChat


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