Compliance Training is Changing. What’s Your Story?

This November we’re hosting a Compliance Training Summit. Compliance is a necessity in most organizations. It ensures consistencies in processes, behaviors and of course keeping people safe. Ensuring this consistency and safety is still a big part of what L&D can and does assist with. While this work is generally described broadly as Compliance Training, the methods we use are increasingly going beyond the scope of traditional training programs. New understandings, methods and technologies are expanding the ability to support compliance in organizations beyond just traditional courses.

We are in the process now of building the program for this Compliance Training Summit and are seeking stories of the work happening in this space. Below is the basic description of this two day event:

The Compliance Training Summit elevates the conversation and examines refreshing approaches to increase engagement and more importantly the effectiveness of compliance training. This summit will explore innovative approaches to meet the needs of organizations and gain the valuable attention of employees.

If you’re keen to present in an online webinar, have a pretty amazing story to tell about unique and effective approaches to organizational compliance be it courses, blended learning, campaigns, VR, design considerations or evaluation, reach out to us by dropping a note to the account. We’re moving pretty quick so don’t sit on this too long! Please send us your ideas by Monday, August 6th.

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