David Kelly’s Curated Content for the Week of 6/5/17


This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

  • How to better vet Big Data narratives
  • What AI may look like to HR
  • Alexa as a learning tool
  • How Walmart is using VR
  • Highlights from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report

How to Call B.S. on Big Data: A Practical Guide by Michelle Nijhuis
Big Data is all the rage these days, and for good reason. But for all the good the possibilities Big Data present, they do not remove from us the responsibility to apply our own vetting to the narratives being shaped by data and statistics. This post explores a new course from the University of Washington that explores how we need to filter and digest information in the age of Big Data. In addition to having great information about the course, this post shares some actionable tips to get more credible information from the data narratives you encounter every day.

Viewpoint: Artificial Intelligence Comes to HR as a Conversation by Josh Bersin
Artificial intelligence is coming to your workplace soon, if it’s not there already. But what does AI look like in practice for an organization, specifically in the context of learning and development? This post explores one such example, and paints the picture of AI being more conversational than you might expect.

Alexa can tell you the steps for CPR, warning signs of heart attack and stroke by American Heart Association News
In addition to being information that can literally save another person’s life, this post highlights some of the learning and performance possibilities of technologies like Amazon’s Alexa. The post deals with Alexa’s ability to talk you through the steps for CPR and other time sensitive health tasks. While it doesn’t specifically talk about learning and performance,
it’s a great example of cutting edge technology being used to support learning and performance right at the time and place it is needed most.

Walmart is bringing VR instruction to all of its U.S. training centers by Lucas Matney
MOre and more applications of Virtual Reality being used for training are emerging each day. This article examines a cutting edge training program being put into place by Walmart, in which VR is used to train employees on customer service, management, seasonal situations and more.

The best Meeker 2017 Internet Trends slides and what they mean by Josh Constine
Each year Mary Meeker puts out a detailed report on the trends that are shaping how we engage and interact with the evoloving digital world. It’s a must read for L&D Professionals each year, but it can be a bit overwhelming to consume (it’s over 300 pages). This post contains a slideshow that summarizes the most important things coming out of Meeker’s annual report..

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