My Experience as a Student at DevLearn—Andrew Murray

I had a great experience at DevLearn 2016, in Las Vegas. I was able to learn so much new information at the conference, such as: training using virtual reality, eLearning success strategies, and the importance

The author, Andrew Murray, and The Guild's Bianca Woods at DemoFest.

The author, Andrew Murray, and The Guild’s Bianca Woods at DemoFest.

of creativity. The keynote speakers, Penn Jillette, Maxwell Planck, and Tony DeRose, were great as well. They offered great insight on the creativity process and the success they have experienced because of creativity.

I came to the conference with my professor, Dr. Karl Kapp, and four other students, on behalf of Bloomsburg University. My professor Dr. Kapp had a workshop on gamification of learning, where I was able to assist learners throughout. It was a great experience meeting and connecting with so many new professionals in the instructional technology field. Also, it was great to see the learners take in so much new knowledge that they will benefit from in the future.

On one of the final days of the conference, companies and students were able to present some of their work at a competition called “DemoFest.” At this competition, I was able to present my project to many IMG_0148different professionals with a variety of experience and job fields. They were able to give me feedback on what they liked most about my project and what I can improve upon next time. This was a great experience, especially since I was able to win “Best Student Solution,” validating my hard work.

This experience gave me the opportunity to connect with so many different people from all types of companies. I am glad that I was able to take this opportunity to grow as a professional. I would recommend this conference to any future students that are interested in this type of learning experience.

Andrew Murray


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