#GuildChat for 10/28/16: L&D and the Organizational Performance Ecosystem

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, October 28 at 11AM PT/2PM ET. This week we’re discussing L&D and the Performance Ecosystem.

Your organization is an ecosystem. Like an ecosystem in nature there are living and non-living elements that interact and are often interdependent. When in balance, the ecosystem thrives. When balance is disrupted, the ecosystem’s health can decline.


Organization’s are all about maximum performance and therefore, from top to bottom, L&D can play a significant role in maintaining the organization’s ability to perform optimally. And like any ecosystem in nature, no two organizations are the same. It takes a keen eye and ear to understand how things are working or are not working.

In this week’s #GuildChat we explore L&D and the Performance Ecosystem. What does an optimal performance ecosystem look like? What can send it into a tailspin? And what can L&D do to support and/or improve their organization’s overall performance execution?

Join us!


Prospective questions:

Q1. How are ecosystems of organizations similar to those found in nature?
Q2. How do you differentiate between a Performance and a Learning ecosytem? Should we?
Q3. What are the signs of a healthy performance ecosystem?
Q4. What are the signs of an UNhealthy ecosystem?
Q5. Are there any leading indicators to show the ecosystem is changing for better or worse?
Q6. Does adopting an ecosystem-focused approach change the role of L&D? Why or Why not?
Q7. What role should L&D play in supporting a performance ecosystem? Why?
Q8. How do you bring stakeholders (managers and leaders) around to the idea of a holistic ecosystem approach?


Missed the chat? Don’t worry – you can still read through what happened on Storify!




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