David Kelly’s Curated Content for the Week of 10/17/16

kelly_david I read through a number of articles and blog posts each day, and every Monday I curate a few of my favorites for members of the eLearning Guild Community, and for the learning and performance field as a whole. Each shared resource includes a brief introduction explaining why I find the link to be of value and recommend you read it.

Here’s the content for this week:

PSVR vs. HTC Vive vs. Oculus Rift vs. Gear VR: Which VR headset should you buy? by Mark Walton
With this week’s release of the Playstation VR, consumers (and curious L&D professionals) have a number of options to go with to dip their toes into the VR space? But which one should you go with? This post explores the four major options available at this point and shares recommendations as to which one you should be checking out.

The Myers-Briggs Personality Test Is Pretty Much Meaningless by Rose Eveleth
MBTI may be big business, but that’s different than being big value. Most psychologists struggle to find its value. This article curates from a number of articles to paint the picture of not only the lack of value from MBTI, but also why wide usage continues to exist despite lack of evidence related to it’s value. My favorite line from the article: “When you’ve spent so much time and money on learning something, of course you’re going to have a faith in it, even to the point of cognitive dissonance.”

Five Questions to Ask Before Choosing an eLearning Format by Pam Hogle
eLearning can take many forms, and knowing which format to use for a given project can be a challenge in and of itself. This post explores five key questions that you can ask yourself to help bring to light the best formatting options for any given project.

How to Produce Quick and Effective Video Content With Your Phone by Kristin Twiford
There’s a lot of interest in using video for learning, and many people are interested in using today’s smartphones for high-quality recording at a budget price. But making a quality video is about much more than just the resolution of your camera. This post explores three important things to remember that will help raise the bar on your smartphone-shot videos

7 Bad Writing Habits You Learned in School by Jonathan Morrow
For most of us, writing is something we learned how to do in school. It’s there that we learned how to form sentences and narratives, and how to structure our opinions through research and sources. But as someone that writes pretty regularly online, I can tell you that most of what I write today looks nothing like what I wrote in school. This article explores seven habits that we form in school that don’t serve us well in our writing as adults.

A group you cannot see by Joe Cook
The software applications used to support a virtual classroom are not over complicated to use, from a technical standpoint. However, there’s much more to a virtual classroom session than the technolofy. The ability to condust an effective virtual classroom session is a complex skill set, with many layers. This post does a great job of identifying many of those layers. If you’re new to the virtual training world, this post serves as a nice primer.

What are you reading?

If you recently read an article, blog post, or other resource from someone else that you think we should consider sharing in a future Curated Industry Content post, please feel free to send a link to the resource to David Kelly along with a few sentences describing why you think the resource is valuable.

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