TWIST Conversations: Brian Savoie on Artificial Intelligence in eLearning

Welcome to TWIST Conversations, where we chat with members of the Guild Community exploring current trends in learning, performance, and technology.

CaptureIn this episode of TWIST Conversations I chat with Brian Savoie, Director of Learning Technology for RAPS. We discuss the concept of artificial intelligence (A.I.), and how it can be used to enhance elearning courses. Here are a few highlights from our conversation:

Through the use of variable definitions you can have the A.I. learn quite a bit about what your player character is doing.

We have more memory in a memory stick than was used to power that entire [Apple IIe] and to run a game. We have more power in our rapid development tools than we are taking advantage of.

You are playing against simulated characters to increase engagement.

To learn more about the session that Brian is facilitating, or any of the other sessions taking place at DevLearn this October, please visit the DevLearn Conference and Expo website.

If you have a speaker or topic that you would like to see featured in a future episode of TWIST Conversations, please let me know.

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