XR for Learning – February 11, 2021

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Augmented, virtual, and other mixed reality technologies are rapidly emerging and advancing, creating new and exciting opportunities for training and education. XR for Learning collects some of the best XR content that learning professionals can learn from.

VR Isn’t Dying, It’s Just Getting Started by Lyron Bentovim
There are some people who feel that virtual reality is a dying technology. You may even be one of them. This post by Lyron Bentovim share information and examples of why VR is no only not dying, it’s actually thriving.

The future of augmented reality is earbuds, not eyeglasses by Luke Dormehl
Augmented reality is most often associated with visuals. This post by Luke Dormehl explores why the true potential of AR may not be in what we see, but in what we hear.

87-Year-Old Man’s Lifelong Dream Of Hiking The Grand Canyon Made Possible Through VR by Bobby Carlton
Virtual reality is often used to transport people to places they might never get the chance to visit in person. This post by Bobby Carlton uses one such example to explore how VR is being used to combat another challenge many are dealing with during the pandemic: social isolation.

Apple’s VR Headset Could Have 8K Displays, Cost $3000 by Matt Kim
Apple has long been rumored to be entering the AR/VR hardware market, and the industry sees that entry as a major inflection point in AR & VR adoption. This post by Matt Kim examines recent reports of Apple’s first entry into the market – a high-end mixed reality headset that could arrive in 2022.

Data Dive: Wearables’ Hot Streak Continues by Mike Boland
While most of the attention is focused on headsets, there’s another hardware category that is shaping the future of the augmented experiences: Wearables. This post by Mike Boland looks at the data behind the growth of the wearables market, and what it means for the future.

We are currently experiencing one of the most challenging periods most of us have ever seen in our careers as learning professionals. Our organizations have been disrupted like never before as we deal with remote workers, new virtual tools and techniques, and the continued journey towards the moving target that is “the new normal”.

All of these challenges require the support of learning leadership.

The Learning Leaders Online Forum explores these challenges, and more importantly, shares proven strategies that can help us and the organizations we serve navigate the crisis. The Forum is your opportunity to connect and learn from learning leaders all around the globe, helping you address the urgent challenges of today while also building the skills that will help take your career to new heights in the future.

Better yet, as part of our launch of this new event, everyone that attends this Learning Leaders Online Forum will also get an annual membership in the new global Learning Leaders Alliance, which provides one year of access to online and face-to-face leaders forums, exclusive monthly programming, and much more.


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