#GuildChat for 02/05/21: Beyond Survival Mode

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, February 5th at 11AM PT/2PM ET. This week’s topic is Beyond Survival Mode.


When the pandemic first struck, many businesses and individuals had to quickly move out of their familiar or comfortable places and figure out remote work. This was soon followed by the economic impact of lower sales and job loss. Many in L&D, like many in other industries, focused on their core activities or shifted into supporting remote work and the resource and technology needs.

Far from over, the pandemic has created a somewhat temporary new normal. Both employees and organizations that survived are once again looking forward but may also be wondering how to jumpstart innovation in such a complex environment?

This week, #GuildChat looks at how the L&D community is going about “getting back on the horse”, their targets, approaches, inspirations, and processes for bringing innovative solutions forward for the people and organizations they support. Join us!

Chat questions:

Q1. What differences have you seen between innovating while things feel relatively calm versus doing so in times of stress?

Q2. Where are your biggest barriers to kickstarting innovative solutions right now? Resources? Finances? Time?

Q3. Has anything from the quick fixes and pivots we made in 2020 actually helped your ability to innovate or get buy-in for new ideas now? How so? 

Q4. Two solid ways to innovate with technology are pushing for new stuff that can make a difference fast or finding ways to use what you have in new ways. Which approach is working best for you right now and why? 

Q5. After periods of organizational stress, decision-makers might want to play it safe. When you see it differently, what are some of the best ways to persuade a hesitant leader?

Q6. 2020 led to a lot of band-aid solutions in L&D. How can we get orgs/clients on board with a stronger long-term solution when from their perspective the makeshift one they have now is technically working?

Q7. When revisiting an L&D project that started out as a temporary stopgap solution, what clues can guide your decision between tossing it out to make something new or keeping it and just adding more polish?

Q8. Many people put a pin in their career goals and professional development in 2020 just to make it through the year’s turbulence. What are you doing this year to invest in your own skills, career, creativity, or health?

GuildChat is the Learning Guild’s Twitter chat about all things L&D and is a great way to connect with others in our industry and share your thoughts, ideas, and questions. This one hour chat takes place bi-weekly starting at 11AM Pacific Time /2PM Eastern Time.

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