XR for Learning -September 23, 2020

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Last week’s facebook Connect event shared a number of updates that have big implications for the future of virtual reality and how it will be used for learning and development.

This week’s XR for Learning curates posts focusing on many of those updates.

Oculus Quest 2’s ‘Infinite Office’ Lets You Create Your Own Virtual Workspace by Kyle Melnick
facebook continues to be positioning virtual reality as a workplace productivity tool. This post by Kyle Melnick looks at one use case called Infinite Office, which expands a person’s workspace via virtual reality. While this isn’t a training use case, it’s another example of how VR is being integrated and normalized into workplace cultures, and that has major implications for how we use it as learning professionals.

Will Facebook Horizon be the first step toward the metaverse? by Dean Takahashi
Virtual reality is about much more than just gaming. It’s a platform through which we can connect, share, and collaborate. The social aspects of virtual reality are fascinating to me, and facebook’s upcoming Horizon experience is probably the biggest venture into that arena. This post by Dean Takahashi features an interview that provides a preview of Horizon and the future of social VR.

Facebook is Discontinuing the Rift Product Line in 2021, Will Focus on Standalone VR Headsets
A significant development in last week’s facebook Connect event was the announcement that the Oculus Rift, once the flagship of Oculus VR, is being discontinued. This announcement has major implications for the future of VR. While it doesn’t eliminate PC-based VR from the Oculus ecosystem (Quest’s link-cable capabilities still enable high-end VR experiences) this move, in conjunction with the previous decision to discontinue the entry-level Oculus Go, simplifies facebook’s VR strategy around a single device.

Facebook Lowers Price of Enterprise-focused Quest to $800 by Scott Hayden
The introduction of Oculus Quest 2 marks a significant step forward not just for consumer virtual reality, but also how VR is being adopted in enterprise markets. This post by Scott Hayden details changes to facebook’s enterprise VR offering, including a reduction in pricing and new resources that are available to support an organization’s use of VR for productivity and learning.

Accelerating the Path to the Future of Work with Oculus for Business
This post, while promotional, does a very good job of painting the picture of how virtual reality can be used in business environments. It showcases specific examples of business applications and use cases, and also shares details of how an enterprise VR system, in this case from Oculus, provides the support infrastructure to successfully deploy VR solutions to employees.

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