#GuildChat Going Forward

#GuildChat is a highlight for us. We really enjoy hosting the community conversations on ed tech and learning and are far from ending it’s long run – so fear not! However, the Learning Guild has a lot of activities happening these days from our conferences like DevLearn (now the DDX) and Learning Solutions, online events, SpeakerChat, GuildReads, etc. and as you might expect Bianca and I are behind many of them! We felt it necessary to reshuffle the deck and as we laid it out before us, it made sense to go to a 2x per month #GuildChat schedule or in other words, every two weeks.

If you’re doing the math, #GuildChat will be OFF this Friday, September 11th and return on September 18th and then alternate going forward. We don’t expect you to have to remember this, so we’ll be posting regularly as we do here on TWIST the weeks we will hold the chat – so be sure to subscribe to the blog for updates if you haven’t already.

Thanks and see you on Twitter!

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