#GuildChat for 10/02/20: Learning Strategy TODAY

#GuildChat returns to Twitter this Friday, October 2nd starting at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Our topic is on Learning Strategy.

If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that be wary of creating a long-term strategy! With businesses struggling, workforces moving remote and traditional approaches and technologies rendered moot, we’ve all learned we have to re-examine our strategies in organizational learning and quite possibly our own personal ones.

Join us this week as we discuss how strategies have changed in learning, where they have changed most and what strategy needs to look like in the COVID era.

Prospective questions:

Q1 What do you see as the most common challenges with coming up with L&D strategies that work? #GuildChat

Q2 Is the learning strategy at your organization articulated and widely known? Does it matter? #GuildChat

Q3 What do you find helps you find a balance between a strategy that gives you enough structure to know how to move forward but enough flexibility to be able to react to unknown but anticipated change? #GuildChat

Q4 How has COVID-19 changed your organization’s (or your clients’ organization’s) learning strategies for this year? #GuildChat

Q5 What advice would you give to someone shifting from a sole contributor role to one that more actively influences or sets L&D strategy? #GuildChat

Q6 How are you seeing the shift to more people working remotely (even temporarily) impacting L&D strategy? #GuildChat

Q7 Has the pandemic and the thought of future crises changed your thinking on how to develop a strategy? Explain. #GuildChat

Q8 How has your own personal learning strategy changed over the course of 2020? #GuildChat

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