Five Ways DDX is Different than DevLearn

While we’re disappointed that we can’t gather in person due to the pandemic, we’re genuinely excited by what we’re planning for the DevLearn Digital Experience (DDX). We want this experience to deliver all the value you expect from DevLearn, while at the same time enhancing your learning by harnessing the opportunities and possibilities that exist in the digital environment.

Here are just a few ways the DevLearn Digital Experience will be different than DevLearn.

It’s More Than Just “DevLearn Online”

Our team started from a place that DDX needed to be more than just taking the content from DevLearn and making it available online. We are looking at the core things people expect from DevLearn, including cutting edge sessions, networking and connecting with friends and peers, and an energetic environment fueled by people exploring how to shape what’s next, and asking ourselves how best to deliver that value in a digital environment.

It’s a Multi-Screen Experience

DDX will be available on all of your devices. There is a robust virtual platform you can use on your desktop, as well as a powerful app that you can use on your phones. This enables a multi-screen experience like no other. You’ll be able to access content and connect with other attendees wherever you are, whenever you want.

It’s Over Two Weeks of Live Content

DDX offers over 120 live sessions and 50 on-demand sessions over the course of two weeks. Each day of DDX will include over 4 hours of live content, and since almost all of which will be recorded and be available on-demand, you can focus your schedule specifically on those sessions you want to engage with live, so you can plan your workday around them.

It’s Six Months of Continuous Learning

One of the challenges of an in-person event is taking what you learn in a very short time and making it actionable when you return to work. DDX leans into this value proposition by making all the content available to you on-demand for six months as part of your registration. Catch the sessions you missed live, revisit the ones that had value to help put what you learned into practice, all while continuing to connect and share with other DDX attendees in the platform.

It’s Accessible Live Across Multiple Time Zones

DevLearn is the world’s leading learning technologies conference, attracting attendees from all over the globe to Las Vegas each year. This year, we’ll still have people from all over the globe joining us for DDX, but they’ll be doing so from their home or local office. To accommodate the time differences for as many attendees as possible, we’ve scheduled DDX for four primary hours each day that take place in the morning for those on the West Coast of the United States, in the early afternoon for those on the East Coast, and in the early evening for those in Europe. Attendees from other parts of the globe are of course welcome to join us live if they can, but will have access to on-demand recordings of all content to watch at their convenience.

And More to Come…

These are just a few of the exciting changes you can expect from DDX. We’re planning a lot of new things that could only exist in a digital environment as well.

DevLearn’s mission has always been “shaping what’s next”, and that mission has even more meaning for us this year. I invite you to join us for the DevLearn Digital Experience and be a part of our community leaning into the challenges of the pandemic so we come out of it as a stronger profession.

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