#GuildChat for 08/07/20: Defending Your Design

#GuildChat returns to Twitter this Friday, August 7th starting at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Our topic is Defending Your Design.

Let’s face it, not everyone is going to like or agree with every facet of your solution. Be it a large strategy or the flow of an infographic you’ll have your detractors. How do you handle the conversations where you have to defend your design? Can you anticipate resistance? What are the signs? How do you mitigate? Compromise? And even negotiate push back. It can happen from all levels of stakeholders and even teammates and it’s likely happened to you!

Join us THIS Friday as the community shares their tales about the trials of defending one’s creations successfully.

Prospective questions:

Q1 What can you do early in a project to reduce needing to defend your design choices later on? #GuildChat
Q2 When feedback on a design is vague (“I don’t like it”), what have you done to guide people towards more specific feedback? #GuildChat
Q3 How do you personally decide when it’s worthwhile to push back on requests for changes to a design and when it’s better to agree to the changes or find some middle ground? #GuildChat
Q4 What’s different (if anything) about how people should respond when a teammate disagrees with you on a design decision versus when a client/stakeholder disagrees? #GuildChat
Q5 You’ve given design advice and the client/stakeholder still wants to move forward on something that’s not great for the intended audience. What have you done in these situations? #GuildChat
Q6 What should you do when late in your project workflow a client or stakeholder wants to make big design changes? #GuildChat
Q7 What can you do when you have multiple clients/stakeholders that need to approve a project’s design and they have conflicting feedback? #GuildChat
Q8 How can other people’s feedback on your design choices help your process? #GuildChat

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