David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 8/10/20

David Kelly, Executive Director, The eLearning Guild

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, this week’s resources continue to have the dual focus of providing resources that can help us navigate this troubling time, while also giving us new ways to expand the view we have on the work we do as L&D professionals.

Here’s a summary of this week’s content:

  • Ten principles that will help you better understand learning experience design
  • Why course outlines are so important
  • Four signs that may warrant a change to your training strategy
  • Valuable tips on how to respond when called out for a microaggression
  • A list of questions you should consider when partnering on a games-based learning project

10 Principles of Learning Experience Design by Connie Malamed
Learning Experience Design is a popular buzzword in our industry. This post by Connie Malamed breaks through the “buzz” to look at a list of principles that help bring clarity to this rapidly emerging topic.

How To Create An Effective Course Outline by Jenny Scribani
This post by Jenny Scrbani looks at a part of course design that is often overlooked: the course outline. The post explains the role outlines play in our designs and the importance they have have in our effectiveness.

Is It The Time To Reconsider Your Training Strategy? by Naveen Neelakandan
How does a learning professional know when it is time to pivot their training strategies? This post by Naveen Neelakandan looks at four things to look for that could be a sign that an update to your organization’s training approach may be needed.

You’ve Been Called Out for a Microaggression. What Do You Do? by Rebecca Knight
This post by Rebecca Knight is worth sharing just for the attention it brings to microaggressions and the actionable advice it shares on how to respond when you are called out for one. I think the tips shared in this post can also be applied to how we respond to other types of feedback that may be difficult to hear.

9 Tips to Vet a Specialized Vendor for Outsourcing Serious Games Development
Selecting a vendor to work with on a games-based learning project has unique challenges as compared to non-gaming learning programs. This post looks at a series of questions you should consider before partnering with a vendor on a games-based learning project.

Are Your Virtual Classroom Approaches Working?

The sudden rise of COVID-19 has transformed the way many L&D professionals operate and deliver learning experiences. Almost overnight, our reliance on virtual classroom technologies has skyrocketed. However, “emergency remote teaching” doesn’t necessarily always lead to “good instruction”.

In this month’s Learning Guild Research Report, Evidence-Based Ideas for Virtual Classroom Experiences, Jane Bozarth examines the L&D community’s sudden shift to virtual classrooms and shares her findings regarding what makes for productive virtual learning experiences. You will find insight into instructional approaches and factors that support distance learning, examples of realistic practices, and the value that feedback holds for long-term learner retention.

This report, like all Learning Guild Research Reports, is available FREE as part of your free Learning Guild Membership.

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