David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 7/27/20

David Kelly, Executive Director, The eLearning Guild

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, this week’s resources continue to have the dual focus of providing resources that can help us navigate this troubling time, while also giving us new ways to expand the view we have on the work we do as L&D professionals.

Here’s a summary of this week’s content:

  • One company’s example of how they changed their training approach in the context of COVID-19
  • A great resource to explain some common visual design terminology
  • How and why facebook is leaning into education in India
  • Three ways virtual meetings can be better than face-to-face
  • Why stories are so important for learning

Optimizing Our Delivery Approach in a Time of Change by Anya Wood, Amber Taverner, & Darren McKinnon
Almost every organization has needed to shift its approach to supporting learning and development due to the impact of COVID-19. This post by Anya Wood, Amber Taverner, & Darren McKinnon shares one such story. It’s a great “Show Your Work” post that shares valuable lessons you could apply in your work.

Visual Design Terms Cheat Sheet by Therese Fessenden
Many instructional designers have visual design responsibilities without much formal training in the skills. This post by Therese Fessenden does a great job of explaining some visual design concepts in a way that provides standardized language and easy understanding. 

Facebook makes education push in India by Manish Singh
This post by Manish Singh looks at the collaboration facebook is working on with the Central Board of Secondary Education in India. I share it here not only for the interesting push into the education market but also for the specific areas facebook is targeting, which includes augmented reality.

3 Things Virtual Meetings Offer That In-Person Ones Don’t by Bob Frisch and Cary Greene
There have been countless articles written about how to adapt what we do in a way to support remote work. But what if we let go of the baggage “What is”? This post by Bob Frisch and Cary Greene looks at virtual meetings through that lens, exploring how the virtual platforms can improve meeting outcomes.

The learning professional as storyteller by Clive Shepherd
Storytelling is an integral part of learning, and as such, an integral part of the work we do as learning professionals. This post by Clive Shepherd looks at why storytelling is so important and shares examples of how to bring it into your practice.

How to Use Multimedia in Your Learning Programs

Multimedia is an almost ever-present part of living in a digital world. As such, it’s important to be able to incorporate different types of media in the learning programs you develop.

The Multimedia for Learning Online Conference explores several different media types including video, graphics, sketchnotes, podcasts, and more.

Register now and join us on August 5 & 6 for the Multimedia for Learning Online Conference, where you’ll access eight in-depth sessions that will help you harness the power of media in your work.

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