David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 3/2/20

David Kelly, Executive Director, The eLearning Guild

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

    • An amazing new resource for free images
    • Tips on how to overcome your fear of public speaking
    • Why embracing your ability to create art is so important
    • An exciting new option to consider in your L&D strategies
    • A great exploration of the Learning Styles myth that you can pass along to non-L&D professionals
    • How virtual reality is redefining what it means to experience live music

The Smithsonian Puts 2.8 Million Images in the Public Domain by Brian Barrett
I’m always bookmarking sites that provide free or low-cost assets that we can use in the building of learning programs. This post by Brian Barrett shares news from the Smithsonian making almost three million images available free, unrestricted public use.

To Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking, Stop Thinking About Yourself by Sarah Gershman
With the DevLearn call for Proposals closing this week, speaking at events is at the forefront of my attention. We put a lot of resources into play to support our speakers, especially new speakers, in hopes of making them more comfortable. This post by Saraj Gershman provides additional resources that look at a few things you can do as a speaker to reduce the anxiety often caused by speaking in front of a group.

Why ceasing to be creative is a mistake by Matt Davis
We tend to think of art as connected directly to talent; put another way, you have to be talented to do art. It’s one of the reasons that many of us stop creating art as we leave our youth. This post by Matt Davis looks at the folly of abandoning art, as well as the benefits of practicing art – regardless of talent – provides in terms of creativity and cognitive ability.

The Capability Academy: Where Corporate Training Is Going by Josh Bersin
As technology continues to advance, the tools and methodologies we use in learning and development continue to evolve. This post by Josh Bersin looks at a new model for L&D orgainzations to consider deploying – the capability academy. I share it here less as the absolute direction of the future the title implies, and more as an example that you can pull from as needed to shape the strategies you apply in the context of your own work. 

The Myth of ‘Learning Styles’ by Olga Khazan
The common belief that tailoring instruction to an individual’s learning style improves learning is a myth that has been often debunked in education and training communities. Unfortunately, belief in this myth also exists outside our communities, shaped by individuals whose perceptions have been shaped by being told they are a certain type of learner during their own education. It’s through that lens that I like this post by Olga Khazan, which doesn’t speak so much to the instructors as it does to the reader as a learner. It’s a nice resource to pass on to people in your organization who express belief in this commonly held myth.

How virtual reality is changing the live music experience by Nathan Sing
I often find some of the best ways to see the possibilities of new technology is to see it truly transform an existing experience into something new; it makes you see something you thought you knew in a whole new light. This post by Nathan Sing looks at how virtual reality is being used in a way that completely transforms what it means to experience live music. 

Three Great Reasons to Attend Learning Solutions 2020

The Learning Solutions Conference and Expo is the event each year that our industry looks towards proven practices that exist within the intersection of learning and technology.

There are a host of reasons to attend the conference, but I want to focus on three specific ones that are unique when compared against other industry events.

A Conference with a Purpose: Sharing What Works

When our team curates the program for the Learning Solutions Conference, we do so with one guiding principle in mind: Sharing what works. Everything at the conference connects to that purpose. Learning Solutions exists to bring proven practices into the spotlight so that people can learn from and adapt them in their own work.

A Focus on Instant Application

A question our team often asks about session proposals is “What will an attendee learn that they can apply right away in their work?” The Learning Solutions program is built with the intention of people returning to their office on Monday with a host of new ideas and skills that can be applied right away.

Free Access to a Second Conference: Realities360

New for 2020 is the collocation of Realities360 alongside Learning Solutions. Learning Solutions enables you to explore what works across the full spectrum of technology-enabled learning and development. The focus of Realities360 is more narrow, exploring the emerging landscape of augmented and virtual reality technology and how it can be used in education and training. Your Learning SOlutions Conference registration provides you with complete access to the Realities360 program, should you be interested in exploring sessions on AR and VR.

These are just a few of the reasons to consider attending Learning Solutions this year. Be sure to visit the event website to check out all the great experiences we’ll be hosting in Orlando this Spring.

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