David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 2/17/20

David Kelly, Executive Director, The eLearning Guild

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

    • A great new resource for free images
    • How a popular video app is being used for education and training
    • An introduction to design systems
    • What it means to learn in the workflow
    • A self-reflective look at how we learn
    • Tips on how to find out who the top stakeholder for your project is

Paris Museums Put 100,000 Images Online for Unrestricted Public Use by Jason Kottke
I’m always bookmarking sites that provide free or low-cost assets that we can use in the building of learning programs. This post by Jason Kottke shares news from Paris Musées making over 100,000 images available free for public use.

TikTok enters the eLearning market with its EduTok program in India by Ivan Mehta
TikTok is a video-sharing app that continues to grow in popularity. Many users have created videos that had educational value using the #EduTok hashtag. This post by Ivan Mehta examines the strategy being employed to formalize the hashtag and position TikTok as a source of learning. 

Getting Started with Design Systems by Linn Vizard
A design system can be a great tool that collects rules, principles, constraints and best practices associated with the design of a brand’s products. They can also be a great tool for your learning projects. This post by Linn Vizard – the first in a series – explains the history of design systems and how they can be used to enhance project design.

It all starts with workflow by Bob Mosher
Workflow learning is a growing buzzwords in our industry, but what exactly does it mean? This post by Bob Mosher uses an interesting analogy to describe where the workflow resides, why much of the traditional work done in L&D actually exists outside of the workflow, and what we can do to change that.

Don’t Wait Around for Learning to Happen to You by Helen Blunden
One of the biggest ironies of learning and development is that we spend so much time supporting the learning and development of others that it can be easy for us to forget about our own development. This post by Helen Blunden not only provides a reminder to develop ourselves, but also the challenge to rethink how we view learning opportunities, and to broaden our view on what it means to learn at work.

Why You Need to Know Who’s the Boss of the E-Learning Course by Tom Kuhlmann
Have you ever been in a situation where you’re almost done with a project and the primary stakeholder you’ve been working with suddenly says “I just need to get approval on this”? Discovering that there’s another top stakeholder is a common issue that can cause huge problems. This post by Tom Kuhlmann looks at why issues like this happen, and what learning professionals can do to reduce the chances of it happening to them in the future. 

Three Great Reasons to Attend Learning Solutions 2020

The Learning Solutions Conference and Expo is the event each year that our industry looks towards proven practices that exist within the intersection of learning and technology.

There are a host of reasons to attend the conference, but I want to focus on three specific ones that are unique when compared against other industry events.

A Conference with a Purpose: Sharing What Works

When our team curates the program for the Learning Solutions Conference, we do so with one guiding principle in mind: Sharing what works. Everything at the conference connects to that purpose. Learning Solutions exists to bring proven practices into the spotlight so that people can learn from and adapt them in their own work.

A Focus on Instant Application

A question our team often asks about session proposals is “What will an attendee learn that they can apply right away in their work?” The Learning Solutions program is built with the intention of people returning to their office on Monday with a host of new ideas and skills that can be applied right away.

Free Access to a Second Conference: Realities360

New for 2020 is the collocation of Realities360 alongside Learning Solutions. Learning Solutions enables you to explore what works across the full spectrum of technology-enabled learning and development. The focus of Realities360 is more narrow, exploring the emerging landscape of augmented and virtual reality technology and how it can be used in education and training. Your Learning SOlutions Conference registration provides you with complete access to the Realities360 program, should you be interested in exploring sessions on AR and VR.

These are just a few of the reasons to consider attending Learning Solutions this year. Be sure to visit the event website to check out all the great experiences we’ll be hosting in Orlando this Spring.

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