David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 12/10/18

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following:

  • How to handle one of the most challenges phrases in L&D
  • Tips on how to support continuous learning
  • a quick demo on how to display long web pages on a slide
  • A great new resource for free images
  • How augmented reality will transform the real estate market
  • a great list of resources on accessibility in elearning

The One Phrase Learning Teams Dread (And How To Prevent It) by Melissa Milloway
One of the biggest challenges today’s learning professionals face is the expectation that our role is strictly one of course delivery. It’s an expectation that has been forged over time, built on a foundation of what learning “looks like” that we’ve shaped since our time in school. Overcoming that perception is one of the primary challenges our profession has. This post explores a few great tips on how to change that perception.

Make Sure Everyone on Your Team Sees Learning as Part of Their Job by Kristi Hedges
While this article is written for a management audience, the points made have great lessons for learning professionals. I always find it interesting to hear people outside of L&D talk about L&D. Note how the author refers to training, using phrases like “more work” and “check the box”. Also, note the points about creating space for learning. How can we support our organizations better? 

Using Long Screenshots in Presentations via Presentation Workshop
I’ve created a lot of elearning programs that trained people on how to use software. One of the challenges that often come up in those projects is how to display web pages that are longer than the screen size. This post shows a very simple way to show a viewer the full length of a webpage. While the post is written in the context of building presentation slides, the technique can easily be transferred to building elearning projects.

NASA Makes Their Entire Media Library Publicly Accessible and Copyright Free by Dunja Djudjic
Photos are a big component of elearning projects and presentations; they can also be expensive to license. That’s why I’m always bookmarking sources with free or low-cost libraries I can use in my projects. This post highlights one of the most exciting bookmarks I’ve made to that list – the entire media library from NASA. I expect there are some wonderful images to use and be inspired from in this library, though I also suspect browsing may lead to a rabbit hole of lost productivity if I’m not careful. :)

The Immersive Impact of AR on the Real Estate Market by Technostacks
Augmented reality is going to change how we interact with the world. Part of what shapes my belief in that statement is the fact that I’m pretty immersed in the field, exploring technologies and projects and seeing how AR is evolving. Most people aren’t that informed, so they need contextual examples to understand how AR will transform how we live and work. I often look for the most ubiquitous examples I can find; the types of examples that will resonate with the highest percentage of people. This post looks at one such example, exploring how augmented reality will transform the world of Real Estate.

Accessibility via Learning Ninjas
Accessibility in elearning is in many ways like going to the gym; we all know it’s important and worth the effort, but it can be a challenge to make building it into your routine a habit. This post can help with that as it curates a host of great resources on how to better support accessibility in the work that we do as learning professionals.

3 Reasons to Join Us for Learning Solution 2019

Learning Solutions 2019 is just a few months away, and now is the perfect time to plan to join us in Orlando in March. There are countless reasons to join us for the conference; here are 3 quick ones to get you started:

  • Learn from peer-based sessions: Learning Solutions focuses on what works in education and training, and we showcase that via members of our community sharing their stories so others can learn from them.
  • Explore content you won’t find anywhere else: Learning Solutions is full of conference programming you won’t find anywhere else, including The Workflow Learning Summit, the Management Solutions Forum, Presentation Roulette, The Game Crawl, the Guild Master Panel, and more.
  • Discover the latest innovations: The Learning Solutions Expo showcases the latest innovations from the vendor and supplier community. If you’re looking for tools and services that can help you and your organization accomplish training and education goals, look no further than the LSCon expo.

There’s a huge amount of buzz already about the conference, and it’s only going to build in the weeks ahead, so don’t miss out! Make your plans to join us today and take advantage of early registration discounts. 

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