#GuildChat for 08/24/18: Managing Learning Projects

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, August 24th at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Our topic for this week’s chat is Managing Learning Projects.


Project management involves many elements, from people and process to methodology and technology, and leading or contributing as a project team member for a learning project takes on additional challenges as the solution can have far reaching internal impact.

Join us this week as we look at the elements and skills needed in managing a learning project. Bring along your own stories of how you are doing it (the ups and downs) as well as those indispensable tools of the trade you find most useful.


Prospective questions:

Q1 What qualities are important for leading a successful project? Explain.
Q2 Which project management methodologies are your favorites and why? (ADDIE, Agile, SAM, LLAMA, etc)
Q3 What tools do you find handy for keeping on top of project management?
Q4 What metrics and/or measures do you use to determine if a project is on track?
Q5 What are the points where you tend to find your project can go off the rails most often? Why?
Q6 It’s hard to keep on track when partners/SMEs are late on getting content or reviews to you. How do you manage those situations to keep them from impacting delivery dates?
Q7 Do you take different project management approaches depending on the kind of project you’re creating or partners/clients you’re working with? Why or why not?
Q8 It’s not uncommon for IDs to find themselves acting as project managers too. For IDs new to this, what are some tips you’d share for making project management easier?


Missed this GuildChat? Don’t worry – you can still read through what happened on our Wakelet transcript of the chat!




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