#GuildChat for 04/27/18: Disruption and L&D

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, April 27th at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Our topic for this week’s chat is on disruption. Note: this chat was originally scheduled to take place on April 20th but had to be delayed due to a Twitter outage.

First, a big thanks to Alan Natachu (@Truaxtrainer) for suggesting we explore “Disruptors” in GuildChat. We thought this was a great topic and ran with it for this week’s chat!



The word itself, disruption, today usually results in two reactions; either eye rolling or a cringe. It’s been used so often and in so many contexts that it has for many become a buzzword in business circles. However disruption happens but what is true disruption and in particular what is it for and in L&D?

In this week’s #GuildChat we explore disruption and disruptors in learning. From technology, to approaches to where disruption truly is and when it just isn’t. Join the community this Friday and bring along your own examples and insights.

Prospective Questions:

Q1. How do you distinguish something that is truly disruptive from something that may just be a change? Example? #GuildChat
Q2. With “disruption” hitting buzzword status as of late, how do you avoid disruption that’s just for the sake of disruption? #GuildChat
Q3. Which technologies have been most disruptive for organizational learning in recent years? #GuildChat
Q4. People can be “disruptive” or better known as deviants. What are the characteristics or behaviors of a deviant in the learning industry? #GuildChat
Q5. How can you tell when a system/process/group needs some form of disruption? #GuildChat
Q6. Change can be difficult. How can you help ease people through a necessary disruption to the tech/approaches/patterns they know well? #GuildChat
Q7. When a broader disruption impacts your world/industry, what tips do you have for navigating it? #GuildChat
Q8. What do you anticipate being the biggest disruptors to L&D in the next 5 years? How should we get ready for them? #GuildChat


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